Abiriga’s Murder Investigations Police has No Answer- IGP Ochola

Hon Abiriga
Hon Abiriga

The family of the slain former legislator of Arua Municipality will have to wait some longer for the police to find. The Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, famous for donning yellow was gunned down on June 8, 2018, together with his UPDF bodyguard near his home in Matugga, Wakiso District.

The Police is yet to make any headway in the investigation and arrest of suspects in the brutal murder of former Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga.

This was revealed by the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola in the crime and traffic/ road safety report issued at Police headquarters Naguru.

According to the report, the police was able to arrest and present for trial suspects involved in the brutal incidents that headlined the year 2018, such as the kidnap and murder of Susan Magara and 15 others, killing of DPC Muhammad Kirumira and Mayuge Doctor Ibrahim Gwaluka. However, IGP Ochola revealed that police are yet to register similar success in Abiriga’s murder case, almost a year after the politician was gunned down.

“The year also saw unfortunate incidences in which Susan Magara and 15 others were kidnapped and murdered, killing of Hon Abiriga Ibrahim, ASP Kirumira Muhammad and Dr. Gwaluka Ibrahim who were shot dead by organized gang of criminals. We are however happy to note that, the criminals involved in these acts have been arrested and committed to High Court for trial, save for the case of Hon. Abiriga Ibrahim,” the IGP said.

The Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, famous for donning yellow was gunned down on June 8, 2018, together with his UPDF bodyguard near his home in Matugga, Wakiso District. The two were reportedly shot dead by people riding on a motorcycle at around 6:30 pm, as the legislator drove home in his famous yellow beetle.

Take Risk to Realize Success in Your Business – Kyambadde.

Amelia in Amuru
Minister of trade, industry and cooperative, Amelia Kyambadde and the main investor of the Atiak Sugar Project, Amina Hersi Moghe in a guided tour of the sugar factory expected to start production next year in April. PHOTOS BY ISMAIL LADU

Amuru I Daily Monitor I The Minister of Trade, Industries and Cooperatives, Ms Amelia Kyambadde, has advised women in Acholi Sub-region to take risk if they are to succeed in their business ventures.

Speaking on Thursday during the inauguration of Atiak Sugar Planting Outgrowers’ Cooperative Ltd in Atiak Sub-county, Amuru District, Ms Kyambadde said many women in the region shy away from venturing into business opportunities that would turn profitable and change their lives because they fear losing money.

“Be ready to take risks, if you don’t take risks, you will not be anywhere, take that risk to start a business and succeed,” she said adding that most of the successful people around the world took risks.

Ms Kyambadde cited Amina Moghe Hersi, who is establishing Atiak Sugar Factory in Amuru saying she took a risk to start her investment.

She lauded the out growers for venturing into sugarcane growing since the sugar industry is one of the key industries in East Africa citing that in Uganda, sugar production has increased by 10 per cent from 240,000 metric tons in 2008 to now 430,000 metric tons currently.

Ms Kyambadde promised to help women outgrowers dealing in the production of honey, Shea butter oil, ground nut butter and crafts with fast tracking certification of their products.

Ms Joyce Santa Laker, the chairperson Atiak Sugar Planting Out Growers’ Cooperative Ltd, said four districts are now directly implementing sugarcane growing citing Adjumani, Lamwo, Gulu and Amuru.

She noted that their ultimate goal is to change the mind-set of the community and engage them in productivity.
Ms Amina Moghe Hersi, the owner of Atiak Sugar Factory, told women that the region will now be the food basket of Africa since they will produce all food crops.

Cooperative membership:  The Atiak Sugar Planting Outgrowers’ Cooperative Ltd comprises 4,070 members, majority of whom are women from Acholi Sub-region and Adjumani District, who were former abductees, sex workers, persons with disability, HIV/Aids persons and those from nodding syndrome families.

Pay Taxes if You Want Better Services – Henry Okello Oryem

Hon. Okello Oryem- The State Minister for Foreign Affairs

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem has taken a swipe at Ugandans for always demanding for better services yet they don’t want to pay taxes.

“If you pay the right taxes you will get all the best services that you want. Like in Germany you get the best medical services that is if you are involved in an accident, a helicopter will pick you from there. You get the best roads in Germany, best trains because they pay their taxes. They pay over 50% of their earnings in taxes to get the first class services,”Oryem said this on Thursday at the National Council for Higher Education offices in Ntinda.

Vox Pops – We asked our readers and this where their take on the matter in response to Hon Okello’s plea.

William Okidi  “He’s right. But in Germany 🇩🇪 taxes are meticulously collected and put to use and not corruptly stolen”

Simon Peter Omoro I think comparing Uganda and Germany in terms of service provision is definitely the wrong comparison to make…first world and third world not so cool bwona Oryem.

Jenkins Laloyo Lawoko It is really laughable and disappointing that the likes of Oryem would face the audience and camera and boldly lie to his teeth about Ugandans not paying enough taxes and its why service delivery is in adequate. When we all know that our citizens work their asses off and pay taxes above and beyond just to fatten the pockets of members of his club. URA is the hub, and mouse trap of milking the have nots, who struggle to keep their head above water.

They make so much money out of the wanainchi enough to build hospitals, police barracks for the robots who live in squalor but torture us, School 🚸 and all the other failing infrastructures. But what do you know, Oryem who is in denial knows fully well that all this would be possible far and beyond because Ugandans pay more than 50% of the taxes just to favour the big boys and not the people & infrastructure. OTT tax to pay for MPs phone bills, really! where in the hell does it come from? Treatment abroad for MPs Treatment meant for families of legislators etc….. Where does it end people? He is a disappointment

Syllogism-okello Olfg How I wish sycophants like Min. Oryem correlate tax expenditures and billions stolen in corruption statistically. See, some of these ministers who just find arguments that suit their points of views are why Ugandans are typically feuding…

Tutu Akaa It’s a big foolery!! If he pays the right taxes he talks about, why’s the road to Namokora(his ancestral home place ) not tarmacked??

Oryem Okello, be wise!! Don’t just talk for the sake.

Ocaya Thomas Oroma Pen-Mogi Who caused the cracks on both new bridge and new Karuma fall dam? Is it lacks of paying taxes or corrupt officials who awards tender and contract and subsequently contractors also do their jobs corruptly.

Daniel Ogenrwot This is irritating… especially coming from a minister. Please put more effort on fighting corruption then u will be surprised to see how much Ugandans are paying in term of taxes.

Jimmy Ewiru Hon. Minister I will agree with you that paying tax is our obligations as citizens of this country but the disappointing part of it is that you the MPs are exempted on a number of taxes and yet you guys earn big from tax payers money, in fact we expect you people to be exemplary to citizens by taking lead in paying taxes.

330km Journey to Namugongo, Gulu Pilgrims Start the Great Trek

Andrew kagwa
Matyrs Gulu in their journey of faith. Photo by Andrew Kaggwa

Over 100 Christians from Gulu Archdiocese are on a pilgrimage of faith to Namugongo Catholic Martyrs shrine in Wakiso district ahead of Uganda Martyrs’ Day celebrations scheduled for June 3.

The pilgrims started off with their journey from St. Joseph’s Cathedral Gulu on Wednesday under the guidance of Fr. Lawrence Komakech, the Parish Priest of Mican.

This follows an announcement by Uganda Episcopal Conference that Gulu Archdiocese had been chosen to animate this year’s Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations.

John Baptist Odama, the archbishop of Gulu diocese opened up on the need to raise over sh900m to help fund activities related to liturgy, health readiness, accommodation, transport, communication, and publicity. Besides making it colorful and memorial.

House Girls Breaking Up Marriages

Archbishop Luke Orombi
Archbishop Luke Orombi

Former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi has said working women have become too lazy to handle their family roles leaving their duties to housemaids who have in turn ended up taking over the home.

“Majority of married women now waste their time on painting their fingers, plaiting their hair, visiting boutiques, attending wedding functions and their husbands are left in the houses with house maids,” Archbishop Orombi said.

We gathered views from our fans and this is what they had to say about Orombi’s statement.

Joseph Mwalye K Hi audience. If you allow me base my opinion on the biblical true. There is always a two-way responsibility for any married couple. Ephesians5.; 22-25. Wives to submit to their husbands…… as well as husbands are required to love their wives as Christ loved the church and even died for it. Therefore, we shouldn’t point guns to one side. Sin is sin regardless of who commits it. My advice is for each individual to understand role and play their part in a marriage, as success or failure can be caused by anyone of the two parties involved. Thanks everyone.

Sall Joseph Rukara Bishop you are totally wrong in your approach to today’s marriage life. These days it requires a man to be a man to have a working woman as a wife. Marrying a working professional woman has its own advantages and disadvantages you have to understand and respect her official commitments just like they do to ours. Maids are not a problem. Its planning that is a problem. Couples need to plan together as when one should be home or whatever. This is not 70s or early 80s when life was a bit easy for you guys. We are in every demanding life style which needs both women and men to contribute.

Sharon Embakazi Abola Bishop please remind the men of their roles too. If they were caring and providing all the family needs, women wouldn’t be career wives in the first place and no need for a house girl but they have neglected their roles and that’s why most women go fends for more money hence neglecting their roles. There is a big problem in marriage and both parties need to work together other than pointing an accusing finger to one side only.

Irene Ayot I like Archbishop Orombi very much. And he would be right unfortunately he left out the other part why working women have to work so hard coz the men have abandoned their duty of provision as well.

Joy Joyous Y is it that men always blame women for bad behavior of poorly brought up boys aka unreasonable husbands??! Bill’s got to be paid in this age a woman must HUSTLE for the quality of any family..

Ugandans Still Need Me, President Museveni Projects His journey to 2021.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

NRM National Chairman and President, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has this Monday afternoon spoken out on the recommendations by different Party organs encouraging him to continue steering the leadership of NRM and the government in 2021 and beyond.

“I thank my Colleagues in CEC and NRM Parliamentary Caucus for forwarding my name to continue adding more steps on our mission-oriented journey”, said Museveni.

He was addressing the NRM Parliamentary Caucus on Monday afternoon while in Kyankwanzi adding that together with the Party membership and assured economic recovery, NRM was destined to deliver the country to a higher level.

He spoke much on a mission-oriented leadership, saying he was confident that there are very many good steps already implemented in a very positive direction.

“Am therefore very pleased with your confidence in me and since am still very able and I happen to be among the most conversant with this journey, I happily agree to serve”, Museveni said as he fetch loud cheer from the Legislators who unanimously nominated him on Sunday.

He added, “I am very convinced that together we can make NRM invulnerable, not vulnerable to any attack when we budget well, deal with the issues of the youth & job creation among others”.