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Presenting views that challenge the status quo because we want to see the world as it should be rather than stopping at what it is. Ideas define and shape our world. Often, what gets onto mainstream media are mere shadows and distortions of the ideas that powered events. Now, undiluted, hear from the experts at N24newswroom - the people who are helping shape the ideas that move our world. Note: these do not reflect the views of N24.

Coronavirus: Is the President’s smile at Ugandan doctors fake?

The coronavirus pandemic has strengthened the already severing relationship between the Ugandan Government and the medical workers’ community. The president of the Republic of Uganda has severally applauded the health ministry and its workers for their effort in handling...

COVID-19 Scare: When China Sneezes, the World Catches Cold.

Guest Post by Kissinger Oryem: - Yes, it is a global world and one village. Few weeks into this pandemic, I could hear the US president calling it China Virus and that is a reference deeper than the words coming out of...

10bn/- ‘cut’ from COVID-19 Budget Earns MPs a Prime Place on the Wall of Shame

By Norbert Mao: - The air is now clear. The head of the legislature, Speaker Kadaga, put up a spirited but unconvincing defense of the 10bn/- the MPs allocated themselves. “We have ambulances commandeered by the Ministry of...

#COVID-19 10B Fund to Parliament, 20M Purported for MPs is Shameful. Expect My Refund – Bobi Wine

Parliament has allocated itself 10 billion Shillings from the over 300 billion Shillings supplementary expense for the COVID-19 intervention. However, the move has drawn criticism especially on social media where members are being accused of being selfish. Parliament insist,...

Putting on the Shoes of a Despicable Criminal in Acholi Land. The Boy Who Canned the Grandmother

Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukmoi
Guest Post I By Mwaka Lutukmoi : - TEARS FOR AN INNOCENT KILLER - NYAC PA LAKWARO KA IYE, IMADO (Acholi saying of taking responsibility) and NYUKA KA OTON ICIB PE NANGE (Acholi wisdom, a split milk can't be removed) , yes...

Torture of a Grandmother Offers a Glimpse into a Broken Society.

Guest Post I By Moses Odokonyero: It took me a while to gather the guts needed to watch the gruesome video in which a violent young man is seen furiously beating an old woman said to be his grandmother.

One Statement from the President’s Last National Address that Became Controversial

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
The President of the Republic of Uganda H.E Yoweri Museveni Kaguta has of late been a common figure on TVs following the COVID-19 outbreak. The President, who was often quoted on newspapers or read on his official twitter...

Desert Locusts’ Comeback Worry Farmers in Northern Uganda

Before the fears of farmers in Northern Uganda shifted to the recent coronavirus outbreak, many were already upset about the large swarms of desert locusts that entered the region through its eastern territory in February 2020. Reports indicated that these locusts caused unthinkable havocs...

#COVID-19: 1.5m Infected Globally, 90,000+ Dead. Can Coronavirus Forge Solidarity?

Guest Post I By Joel:- The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that was first discovered in Wuhan, China in late 2019 spread so quickly that, according to Johns Hopkins University had infected over 1.5 million and killed more than 90,000 people globally within...

What Would Okot p’Bitek Tell Museveni About ‘Ryemo Gemo’? – Norbert Mao.

Norbert Mao
Guest Post I By Norbert Mao:- During one of his briefings on the coronavirus pandemic, President Museveni was told by the head of his media team, Linda Nabusayi, that there’s a practice called “ryemo gemo” in Acholi which requires people to bang...

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