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Thinking of where and what to eat when up country, I mean Northern Uganda? Dine with Pat as he presents you a list and review of food menus, restaurants and traditional delicacies of a life time - don't miss try out.

Luo Meal WoW

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Dine With Pat: Roasted Steak Roll for Karama.

It’s festive season and it feels like the roasting season so let’s roast some beef rump steak. This time around, we will flatten our steak, marinate it, roll it like a Swiss roll, tie it up with a cotton twine and then...

Grasshoppers, Nsenene or Ocenee in Uganda, Dare to Taste.

Grasshoppers, Nsenene or Ocenee in Uganda as locals refer to them, are a great deal. Ugandan delicacy. Following the heavy rainy season, these critters swarm in masses, to be fried and enjoyed by Ugandans. Only seen in...

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