Brief: Who is Okot P’Bitek?

Guest Post I Common Creative - Ugandan poet, anthropologist, and social critic, who wrote in Luo and in English. Okot P'Bitek was one of the most vigorous and original voices in East African 20th-century poetry. His satirical monologues dealt with the...

Milton Obote Penned His Own Lifetime Story Before Death.

Early childhood: I was born on 28th December 1925. I grew up in Akokoro City in Lango. My father was Stanley Opeto and my mother was Priscilla Aken Opeto. I began school at the age of eleven when I joined catechism class. After one year, I...

Hope we learnt something about HUMILITY and FAITH in the LIFE of Dr Olara Otunnu.

Highlight • Born in a humble family in Mucwini, Kitgum • OB Anaka Primary School Nwoya district • OB Gulu High School • OB Kings College Budo (HP) • Makerere University (Laws) - Guild President Makerere University 1972 • Oxford University LLB...

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