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Hope Fades: Bosmic’s Ambition for Kitgum MP Seat Crushed, At least NOT with Those Grades

Bosmic Left pose for a pictures with news NRM recruites

Bosmic Otim’s dream to contest for Kitgum member of parliament seat hangs in a balance for now.

The motor mouth artist and former people power coordinator for Northern Uganda now turned into NRM cadre could be lost in the world following his poor performance in the recentrly concluded UACE exams.

Bosmic is alleged to have sat for his Ugandan Advanced Certificate of Education last year to unseat the current state minister for Environment, Anywar Beatrice.

However, taking Anywar away from this position will not be an easy task for him. Evidence from the just release results indicates a gap, the absence of at least a principle pass an indication that he surely does not meet the requirement.

Below are his scored with subject combination of HAD/ICT

General paper 9
History: F
Result code: 7
Numbers of points 00

Illicit Trade: Northern Artist Sidelined, Promoters Reaping Millions from the Region-Tempra Omona Roars


Illicit Trade: Northern Artist Sidelined, Promoters Reaping Millions from the Region with no local artist on their show list. Tempra Omona Pokes into Capital Fm Regional Show

First it was the western artist against Buganda artists, today, Northern Uganda groomed artist Tempra Omona woke up on the bad side and made outright claim on the ongoing capital fm music show in Gulu as outrageous as key artist from the region are sidelined.

Capital FM, thanx for promoting my music early in my career. That’s said let’s dissect what Gulu is saying.

It’s a known fact that every huge event in Gulu with a big budget has to feature an almost all Central line up, fine we all know regardless of where u come from as an artist as long as your music crosses and your loved by the fans making you fly with open wings.

 Let’s not reduce it to weather central guys performing here and us not performing there is ok. These are usually events with huge budgets guaranteed.

I have been thru a few where they literally brought even the not so popular, and the crowd could be seen wondering powerlessly why they never got more of their own who could have excited them, why do they have to #Force_Feed us?

Yes if they wanted they would have included more.. but even if they hired our own, don’t rush to demand what you loaned him, because he/she will be paid a million at best and the rest 6m-7m, and I belief the sole intention to even include us is to say yes we hired your guys too.

At this point I want to say to the gullible fans, I notice a few of you always easily say “Work harder, make better music, videos etc…it is that financial empowerment our boys and girls are being locked off that has to bring the good music.

These guys go back with millions and get to the best videos and studios #Not_Their_Fault. .So is it the bosses? Is it central agenda? Anyway I categorically expected Capital to know this better. But…….. its not their fault because most breweries and telecom companies have done the same and will keep on doing it.

I am sure all other categories of service providers have been locked off too, Mcs, chairs hires, cleanup crew members etc..not even the advert was done by our own who speaks well, it ended up a disaster.

To the central Artists we are doing what u always do fighting for our growth, remember you (we) have always complain about dominance of Nigerian/Jamaican even on airplay? You understand how it feels…this is about those agenda corporate companies and their selective empowerment.

Uganda remember we complain about Indian Companies in Uganda only employing their own? Now relate…the media that we have, its high time we build Ugandan music industry not  just #Buganda_Music_Industry.. Look at how many accolades the sports fraternity has got from #other Ugandans and imagine how many the music industry could .. Let’s not blame the chosen artists it’s their pay day and as the furry goes on let’s look at the selecting authority.

Bosmic Wanted Over a Botched Show


A Northern Ugandan based music promoter wants lucky bosmic otim arrested for breach of contract and obtaining money by false pretense. According to Chemical Ali, Bosmic failed to turn up for two shows in Kotido and Moroto respectively.

“I paid Bosmic five hundred thousand shillings and had a balance of two hundred thousand shilling to sum up for the Kotido show but he has failed to cooperate” Chemical man said.

I have asked him to refund my money but to no avail and I decided that the police should take over the case because this is not the first time the artiste has defaulted his shows.

Under case reference SD 23/27/01/2020 Chemical man together with Uganda Police force are currently looking for the singer Bosmic for breach of contract and obtaining Money by false pretense.

Efforts to reach Bosmic for a comment on the allegation yielded no fruit since he was not picking up and shortly his phone became unreachable.

This is the second time in less than a month that a local artist is being implicated in botched shows. It should be recalled that singer Lil Roy was recently accused of failing to honour a show on New Year’s Day at Boma Hotel in Kitgum Municipality.

Oyella Jackie, the reigning miss tourism Northern Uganda and the brain behind “Lil Roy 2020” show was shocked after the artist failed to turn up even after knowing very well that he was set to headline the show.

Music Score: The Oluku Series Part I, By Morris Opira Kato

Opira-Moriss-Kato-take a picture with students after his show in Kitgum. Photo Credit - Meseum-of-Acholi

On the 24th/April/2015, Morris Opira Kato commonly known as ‘Won Oluku’ breathed his last from Kitgum Hospital after battling liver failure for a long time. Born in 1969, Opira is remembered for his music talent involving long and educative songs comparable to no artist of his generation.

Below we take a look at the series that made him so popular;

‘Min Oluku’

Set to replicate the situation revolving around the LRA insurgency in the 90’s and early 2000’s, In Min Oluku, Opira narrates the story of a woman (Min Oluku also ‘madamse’ or ‘madam-sella-mama’) who abandons her husband (Won Oluku) and son (Oluku) for a soldier in the army. On that fateful day, Won Oluku wakes up early and leaves for the garden where he waits his wife in vain. Upon returning home he finds their son wobbling uncontrollably. His son tells him that his mother went to the market. This situation forms the basis of this story; the source of ‘Min Oluku’s money inadvertently leading to a chase throughout the song.

In the same verse of the song, it is revealed Oluku’s mother is now gone for two days, Won Oluku decides to go after her evoking the notion of the Acoli tradition of marrying Min Oluku using his father’s own money as a reason.

A regular prelude is introduced at this time;

Min Boy, Min Latina, Min Boyii,

 Liped I Owino, I Owino, Teteyi Makci,

Hmm Macki Leather kitenge eh, Kitenge

Uh Min Boy, Hmm Min Latinaa, Min Boy, Min Oluku,

Liped I Owino, I Owino, teteyi Macki, hmm Macki Leather Kitenge

Satirical and foresighted, Won Oluku takes a deep thought into what he assumes would take his once faithful wife to the market without money.

On arrival at the market, the second verse explores what transpires when they meet during the period of absence. His first impression of the woman is the rather shinny and extremely visible hair style referred to as wet look. Wet look was an importation by Congolese women a.k.a Kongolee. Soldier wives also copied this to avert any possible competition as well as to adopt the trendy style on market at the time. He is also shocked to notice that Min Oluku was donning high heeled shoes, a fast upgrade from sandals. He compares the lipstick she is wearing to the red beaks of the ‘Kidingiding’ bird.

He continues after a short prelude into the third verse to reveal that what he thought was a handbag she carried under her armpit as ‘Sanyo Radio’, a very loud radio set before bringing into play his nemesis the soldier. Opira speaks of the Santa (Land Rover Defender), a common mode of transportation for most decorated army men in the 90’s. Dressed in jeans, a ‘kandabongo’ man shirt and shoes crafted out of car tyres, Won Oluku stood no chance against the two star general whatsoever.

He opens up his frustration about the ever crying Oluku and his wife shifting away from his home to the army barracks. In the past, a woman who eloped into the army confinement never came out easily due to the mobile nature of soldiers. He briefly makes comparison between the benefits accrued to his wife by the general to what he owns as a peasant

After another prelude, the song plays in factoring a very common element during the insurgency; convoys that involved civilian vehicles moving under the protection of armed military cars. It was unsettling for many women who constantly had to follow their husbands wherever they went, often carrying jerricans and heavy baggage along. Min Oluku is said to have travelled through Lira, Soroti, Mbale, Tororo to Malaba.

He makes an effort to travel to Tororo where he meets with Min Oluku at the bus park. Things have since fallen apart. Opira reveals changes in his initially ignorant wife such as the development of additional dialects Luganda and Swahili prevalent in the army at the time.

After failure to initiate any peaceful reconciliation with his wife, Won Oluku travels to Kampala and back to Kitgum where he takes on his simsim farming he describes as ‘white gold’. At this point however, Oluku the young boy shows interest in selling simsim but rejects all possible advice from his father to do that in the Northern region insisting on doing that in Malaba where his mother had settled in and written a letter inviting Oluku to join her. Another element of mothers/women trying to reunite with their children is introduced.

The song takes another prelude and in second last verse Oluku arrives in Malaba to reunite with his mother, and the simsim he carried serves a reunion fest known as ‘banya wat’. His mother also convinces him to acquire a motorbike that he becomes famous for because of his reckless riding. Aside from his Honda bike that lands him in a fatal accident resulting into two compound fractured hands and loss of teeth, Oluku and his mother engage in excessive alcohol abuse.

It ends with Won Oluku lamenting his son’s stubbornness to reject his advice regarding reunion with his mother as well as the sale of the simsim that resulted into the motorbike accident. Here Won Oluku is portrayed as giving up on his son and wife subsequently taking us into the second Episode ‘Lok Kom Dingo’.

Music Score: Baba Apenyi, Jahria Okwera


This was Jahria Okwera’s introduction to the music industry and what an introduction it was! Released off the album ‘Baba Apenyi’ in early 2000, this lead song shook every airwave there was to tangle with on any radio station in Northern Uganda. It is also one of the few songs from the Acoli Sub-region which managed airplay on KFM alongside others such as ‘Bedo Gulu’ by Dida Moses.

‘Baba Apenyi/ Father I ask you’ is not a topic many young people would take their fathers on and yet here was a little known artist daring  to tread that line and he pulled it off.

‘Wer eni acwalo bot baba na’ which introduces the song is a very powerful statement bound to draw any fathers’ attention. Based on the subject of neglect, Jahria tasks his father to explain why he neglected him for unapparent reason. ‘Baba Apenyi’ was perceived by people as a song relating to Jahria’s difficult life and relationship with his father that caused him a lot of suffering in his childhood.

Comprised of three verses; the first addressed mainly to his father citing the effect of the neglect on his relationship with his friends. He reaches out to his family; mother, siblings and also ironically to his father in the second verse. In the last verse Jahria reveals rumors and lies as an underlying reason to his nightmare.

Perhaps the most emotional moment of the song is the monologue transcribed below;

‘Baba / wer eni awero ma cwinya cwer

Pien / acane ki kwo / kun in itye

Jahria addresses more than just his father in the song; he tackles on lies and rumors, those who led to his persecution, he also reaches out to his mother, siblings before finally assuring his father that he still loves him.

However Jahria’s song is far from perfection; he chose really good beats for ‘Baba Apenyi’ characterized by a piano matching the rhythm of the song. Outside that, the message seems to be broken and a little shallow although still powerful. A listener does not know what exactly happened warranting his rejection. Review by Alan Ochen

NUMA Awards, Chowoo’s Bold Take, Fans React.

Chowo Willy

Since Jan 1st, 2020, I have received a lot of phone calls –and up today-they shared with me as a journalist about their dissatisfaction about the recent NUMA awards –some are the artists, managers and well-wishers. Some went as far as burning their accolades because they felt they wasted their time. I consoled and guided them accordingly and I feel I should share with you how I feel NUMA should be handled not to lose its meaning.

Northern Uganda Music Award (NUMA) is a good venture that has been limping for a decade now due to its unclear vision and mission. Every time the Award is organized-the following mornings is washed by outcry and allegation of bribery and favours.

Voters are technically knocked out with money changing hands and left with no option but to take on what the judges have for them. They grumble so had “We expected this and that to be the artist of the year but to the opposite”. These issues of bribery, favours and sideling artist has not been address ten years after the birth of the awards with the latest scam arising for the one held four days ago.

I don’t sit in the committee of the Award which mainly consists of Radio Deejays (I am not a DJ)- and I don’t know what they usually evaluate to come up with the winners but from what I see they have corrected nothing and improved nothing in trying to build the awards as issues continue to crop up year in and out.

Verdict: For NUMA to move forward on ground association musicians, managers and promoters need to seat down and revise their contractual documentation. The line of nominee’s benefit should be mapped out clearly say for example if it’s for an accolade and money then how much.

I propose nominees are given a better fraction from the annual gate collection so they can walk home happy people. It is very unfair to make a gate collection of sh60-90 Million and give artist peanuts or even nothing for those who brave the cold weather and end up not winning.

It is wrong business indeed and since the event is not sponsored sharing a portion from gate collection would benefit all participants as a way of addressing the after event squabbling.


To-date we don’t know who does the nomination, could it be the listeners? If they are, how do they do it? If on radio, which radio stations? When does it open and how many people should nominate an artist to be able to qualify for the competition? Does it need the consent of a particular artist? Do people know which categories these artists fall in and who determines the entry categories? Unless this is addressed, there will always be confusion and discontent.  Because people think it is a one-man’s show. The one who does everything including selecting who should win and Not.

Verdict: I think openness in this award should begin with coming up with list of nominees and the same list availed to listeners to scan through those nominated and in which category and this can be followed by voting.  If the event organizer decides to use radio stations both in East and west Acholi should be involved.

The use of online platforms too is an alternative to embrace. The award must be publicized extensively for good returns on investment and having a website for NUMA will address the needs of those in diaspora who too can venture and vote for their own artist as NUMA gains visibility.

Finally, after the close of nomination window, all the nominees with their respective songs must be profile and lyrics to the songs appended for people to decide on who is who.


The voting process has been unscrupulous from day one, how can over one thousand people vote within the scope without clear knowledge on the category? more so using plain sheet of paper, its irregular and can’t work.

I hear that 40% of the votes are taken from radio but I work for a radio station and have never seen any such list availed to our station. Just a flash back and on record, in 2017 Award, those who lost walked home with awards while those who were winners smoked out. I thought they would never come back in 2018 and guess what they returned and still making the same noise.

Can you really believe that they counted all the votes on the 01-01-2020! It is not possible because the thing ended in the morning (I don’t want to divulge the details of the mess). It was just a show since everything was premeditated.

Verdict: In the future to make this event real and authentic, digitalize the voting process and if you lack the technical know-how then I am ready to lead a team of software engineers to develop that simple app to aid in the voting process. It’s a simple logic that can allow people vote online with much easy given the fact that they can as well use their phones to vote and we compute results. radio calls too will come out with properly documented printouts. If all these are done, then we will address the issue of self-appointing the winners and envision NUMA.


Think wise, think twice adjust on your award categories, time of performance and award giving ceremony. With that sorted then think of the guest.

It’s a petty how the team invited the Paramount chief of Acholi, Rwot Onen David Acana as the chief Guest and failed to keep time. It was so painful seeing our king seat in this mess from 5pm till the wee hours of the night. He shouldered his pride and endured all the preconditions in the dark and cold night to give NUMA a face. Yes, he might have been there for the love of his people but as an individual I feel keeping our king in such a place and time a sign of disrespect.

Verdict: For the coming years I propose you start as early as 5pm and get the final winners announced by midnight.

Conclusively, I love our local artists and NUMA as well and as we move to scale it up, we need to get a few things herein rectified. There is no personal vendetta, its business as usual all I want to see is a clear and set objective for the award to avoid future discontent.

From his posting the following opinion merged and they had this to say,

Robinson Arop Your ideas is good unfortunately ,the organizer of NUMA is one man, no one has ever taken an initiative to do it ,so he still has an upper hand because he is trying from all odds. Last year, I was there and I saw how the voting was done. I can’t say there are a lot of rigging or favours. If it so happens, then it is minimal to taint image of NUMA. From the funs, you can even see ululations who is/are winners.

I am only concern about the price tag for the artist of the year and others that can be at least to the standard and can change life then any artist who have been nominated should go with something not like this one.
Unless artists ,managers , promotors come together to form NUMA ,the status quo will still remain because he took the initiative when no one could think about it. Kudos to him at least he needs to be fair and dynamic.

Okwera Oloya The long story cut short. In my opinion, people need to be considerate of so many things before they complain. If I may ask, what could have been the input of the so call complainants to the success of NUMA to date? Do the said artist sing or produce songs specifically for NUMA? Or Winning a NUMA award is just a bonus for them?

From the little I know, NUMA has been almost a one man’s efforts as a business strategy but not public initiative for whatever purpose they may suggest. In life many people like ready-made things and therefore if success finally comes they all one a share.

Now if the concerns you have raised is anything to go with then there will be need for a wide consultation and all suggestions taken care of.

Charles Wod Paromo We are in a Free Market Economy…but since the NUMA thing started I have never seen and person or a body coming out to organize credible Awards and why participate and later start complaining

Singer Lil Roy Arrested For Skipping a Show. Organizer Demands 2m in Damage

Lil Rpy
Lil Roy

He proclaimed his fame in 2020, but what a way to start off the new year behind bars? Anyhow, Police in Gulu yesterday arrested singer Lil Roy for failing to honour a show on new year’s day at Boma Hotel in Kitgum Municipality.

Oyella Jackie, the reigning miss tourism Northern Uganda and the brain behind “Lil Roy 2020” show was shocked after the artist failed to turn up even after knowing very well that he was set to headline the show.

According to Oyella, Lil Roy raised fans expectation and talk ability shortly after making a grand appearance on a radio talk show and participating in a road drive.

 The twist, “After the road drive, Lil Roy went for a mini show at Acholi Bur we anxiously waited for him in Kitgum not knowing he had decided to travel back to Gulu for the Northern Uganda Music Awards festival at Pece stadium” Oyella said.

Efforts to reach him yielded no fruit as fans demanded for him and with no clear explanation of his whereabouts scuffle ensured prompting the intervention of police to calm the rowdy crowd that demanded a refund of their hard earned money.

“I met all his expectation why would he dupe his loyal fans? I need 2million shillings in damage.  My decision to file a case in this regard is for him to serve as an example for the many shoddy artists who rob from prospective event organizers”

According to Oyella, the said fee will go towards covering the cost of radio announcement, talk show, road drive, artist performance and hire of venue.

 Another event organizer who preferred to be anonymous noted that many artists become greedy during the festive seasons. They sign up for all sorts of gigs in the name of making quick cash even when they surely know they will not show up.

“I have a list of artist who have acted otherwise even after paying them huge sums of money, it’s not Lil Roy as an individual, the rot is wide spread eating up all these established local and national artists we just need to find a better way of resolving the problem beyond dropping them behind bars”

Lil Roy remains to be locked up at Gulu central Police pending investigation and transfer to Kitgum where the said case was logged on him.

“Museveni is NOT in Power by Luck” – Comedian Salvador.

Salvador Vs Museveni

Ugandan standup comedian also a member of People Power, Patrick Salvador Idringi praises Yoweri Museveni after his visit to Nakasero State Lodge.

Salvadors meeting was master planned by city businessman Balaam Barugahara in the company of singer Big Eye who was recently pelted off stage with bottles for supporting Museveni and NRM.

Salvador who could not hide his excitement praised Museveni for his wise leadership over the last past years.

“Museveni is not in power by Luck, this man shared facts and statistics that I’ve always seen but ignored. Well let me say I’m awake” Salvador wrote on his timeline

Adding that, his interaction with the President was worthwhile and a life time opportunity.

“It was a great honor to meet the president, Who I’m I and in what capacity do I meet the President?” Salvador questioned self.

According to Salvador, Museveni is a very wise man regardless of what people say about him and he believes he had learned quite a number of things within this short visit.

“I’m just glad he shared some of his wisdom with a mere me son of Ombokolo, thanks to you Mr. Balaam for the introduction and thank you Mr. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the words of wisdom”.

Museveni who describe Salvador as Uganda’s finest talents in the stand-up comedy industry wondered if Salvador was in anyway related to the late idi Amin.

“Patrick Idringi tells me the Bazukulu call him Salvado of Ombokolo village. But from his looks, he must be the grandson of Idi Amin” anyhow,  We shared quite a lot regarding the industry, social and developmental issues. I wish Patrick Idringi Salvado the best in his endeavors.

Judas Rap Knowledge Flips Out of Northern Music Awards

Judas Rapknowledge
Judas Rapknowledge - CEO Souls of Africa, Northern Ugandan Based Music label

Northern Uganda’s hottest Hip Hop Rapper Kilara Dan popularly known as JUDAS RAP Knowledge has made last minute withdraw from the annual Northern Uganda Music awards scheduled to take place tonight at Pece stadium, Gulu Municipality.

According to Judas, his last minute resolution not to be part of the awards is to give young and talented upcoming rappers a chance to showcase their talent too.

Speaking to #N24Newsroom, Judas said, “I will not be part of the Northern Uganda Music awards schedule for today because I need to give time to the new generation to compete as well and show their worthy”.

He emphasized the need for growth and recognition of fresh talents given the fact that he has been winning for the last 5 years.

“I want to respect new rappers on the scene because my mission is to put Northern Uganda on the map for its untapped talent, how then can da Akbar be only the hip hop artists of the year, yet he will forever remain the legendary hip-hop rapper of all time?” Judas wondered.

Adding that with seven Albums to his name, there is great hope that Souls of Africa, a local music brand label which he heads as the CEO is headed for stardom as he wished all his fans and hip hop lovers a happy new year.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s Case of Deportation Hangs in Balance.

Chaka Chaka
Chaka Chaka - Courtesy Photo

NORTHERNEWSWIRE | South African singer, Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s visit to Uganda was cut short after she got deported before her performance in the eve of the Ugandan.

According to Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson, Chaka Chaka was destined to headline a show at Enkuuka at Lubiri Mengo but this was cut short after she was found to have entered the country with an ordinary visa which could not allow her to perform or indulge in any money making venture.

“She was escorted to Entebbe Airport by police and a team from immigration department prior to the show where she was advised to reconsider applying for a working visa but she refused” Enanga said.

Responding to the wide speculation on her alleged deportation Chaka Chaka denied the allegations saying “I took the decision of going back at free will without any force or pressure of deportation”.

However earlier news reports indicated how the artist had been allegedly detained inside her room at Pearl of Africa Hotel where she had been staying since Monday when she stepped into the country.

Abbe Musinguzi aka Abitex could not trace the whereabouts of Chaka Chaka saying, “Yvonne’s issue is hard to understand. The last time I spoke to her in the morning, she was leaving the hotel to come for a soundcheck at the venue. But I was later informed that she was being detained by security officers at the hotel who said they were offering her security. She was refused to leave the hotel,”.