Uganda will be making over 12 trillion dollars in prospects of the newly discovered 31 million metric tons of gold deposits, this is likely to push Uganda to the middle-income status if not a first-world country. However, this will require East African governments to work together to demolish the escalating illegitimate gold traders in the region.

This was brought to our concern after a group of Asian nationals, Frahanz ddalu, Muhammed shahma, Tzumpi Fredrick, Nganwa Sompson and Shaikh muzammil all based in Dubai have successively invested their money in gold smuggling from Congo, with operations all over East Africa working with extremely dangerous smugglers from Congo and rebel groups. https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/10/20/dr-congo-wanted-warlord-preys-civilians

These not only smuggle gold, but they have also reached an extent of financing and fueling continuous civil wars in the democratic republic of Congo to gain minerals and enrich themselves. This group of famous gold smugglers such as Shaikh Abdul Wasim (Arabian), Sheik Talal Tahmid(Indian), kasongo Augustin(Congolese), and Richard Newuton(UK), have continuously financed smuggling having tremendous operations in Congo suburbs as to mention, BENI , GOMA and numerous parts of Congo, engaging gold criminals who create stampedes in the Congo.

Such practices have rewarded them with a lot of wealth after having several suppliers of illicit gold. One may wonder why these Indian nationals based in Dubai, do not want to buy legit gold from the Ugandan government but instead feel comfortable dealing with quack gold merchants from Congo who are highly wanted by the international criminal court (ICC) for crimes against humanity in Congo.

According to our reporter, these dangerous Asians also fund smugglers with equipment to get cheap gold in return, a vice that may create a huge disability to the national economy and the region.

The African gold refinery was sanctioned by the criminal investigation agency (CIA) six months ago because of the illegal gold trade. We are still investing in this matter and we shall keep you posted because security is working tooth and nail to capture these rebel groups in the region. I Additional facts @https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/10/20/dr-congo-wanted-warlord-preys-civilians


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