The SHiT That NRM Told the World “NUP” is No More in Acholi. See for Yourself


The continued underscore and rating of National Unity Platform as being No More in Acholi land is a terrible facet in the political journey.

While the status quo my prove right to its legitimacy of securing the future, the halfwits playing the character game to win favors and cash must amp-up their game.

To bring about lasting impression beyond the scones of securing the future, those whose future is being secured need to be empowered beyond running after political figure in the name of getting pocket change aka “Jebba Oywee”

The snare shift and/or cross over from one political party to another is no way a win win situation but rather a cash trap move to prove an ideology of change but even then this is still another bogus move to rate the change we want.

With poverty rate at 69% in Acholi under the present regime, the youth are up for anything that comes in between. Its no longer politics of intelligence but politics of survival. It cuts across the have and have not!

while NUP was said to be nowhere in Acholi land, the master planners of politics under NRM in Acholi sub region just played the monkey game. They got cash, printed T/shirts and handed out some pocket change to the youth to prove the massive numbers of defection but even then the table seems to have been turned upside down in Omoro.

Just a day of NUP and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Ogen in Omoro, everything is trending on Twitter and you begin to wonder if truely NUP was washed away in the country side like it was projected.

While the huge numbers cannot be equated to votes and a particular candidate winning, the idea os change is slowly beig cultivated and that is the ultimate final goal that will see change. God bless Uganda, God bless Omoro!!!!


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