Observe a Lent, Ugandan Parliamentarians Told


The Bishop of Nebbi Diocese, Rev. Raphael P’mony Wokorach who led this year’s Ash Wednesday celebration at Parliament has called on believers under the catholic chaplaincy to observe a lent that will yield fruits.

The annual event to make the start of the Lenten period was organized by the Catholic chaplaincy at Parliament on Wednesday, 02 March 2022. The mass was attended by the Deputy Speaker, Anita Among and Vice President, Jesca Alupo among other Members of Parliament and staff.

Wokorach said that there is need for Christians to revisit the standards set in the Bible if they are to gain from the spiritual and material gains of Lent.
“We need to recognise the standards set by Jesus and if we do this everything changes. For example, in Lent we do arms giving but it is a common human habit to advertise charitable deeds and so we embarrass the receiver,” Wokorach said.

 On fasting he catechized believers about various forms of fasting they should adopt during the Lenten season saying that fasting should not only be limited to food but also bad habits, sins and distractive pleasurable things.
 “Fasting from food and material pleasures is one of the useful exercises in this Lent. Fasting from sin and from bad habits can be even more challenging.  We have habits that don’t do any good to us or people with whom we relate such as anger, laziness or dishonesty in the duties entrusted to us,” he added.

The prelate decried the use of gadgets and the internet which he said was becoming more of a distraction and advised the Parliament community to use the Lent and minimize time wasted on social media.
“We feel incomplete when our gadgets are away from us; they are useful instruments but they have become our toys. This is the time when you should reflect whether to give time to prayer and limit usage of gadgets,” he said.

Deputy Speaker Among implored Wokorach to assist her with incessant prayers, recognising that legislative work is at times challenging and requires divine help.
 “We are human beings and we are bound to make mistakes; so as we make decisions for this Parliament, we need your prayers,” Among said.

She asked the chaplaincy to continuously pray for the Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah who has been ill. “As we go into this Lent period, I request that we keep praying for him as we pray for ourselves,” Among said.

Alupo hailed the prelate who she said sufficiently prepared believers at Parliament to carry out their spiritual exercises of Lent.
“His very moving message in the homily in my view has sufficiently prepared us to start carrying the cross in this season; your message was very strengthening and reassuring that every other day we must overcome challenges,” Alupo said.

Both Alupo and Among pledged shs20 million each towards the construction of a church house at Nebbi Diocese.

In a related development, the Parliament Anglican Chaplaincy held intercession prayers for Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who has been receiving treatment abroad.

In their celebration to mark the Ash Wednesday, the congregation confessed their sins and professed their devotion to the Lord and held prayers for the total recovery and healing of Oulanyah.

Rev. Canon Christine Shimanya of the Anglican Chaplaincy  asked Members of Parliament to support the desolate where they can, saying, ‘the Lord will open doors, protect them, heal them if they follow what the Bible preaches on doing good’.

She asked the Christians to support the Parliament’s chaplaincy as it focuses on an outreach to Butabika hospital to support the sick.
“He says your night will become bright and the Lord will guide you always and he will satisfy you. He will strengthen your body frame and he will heal you,” Shimanya said. 

SOURCE : Parliament of the Republic of Uganda


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