Open letter to Hon. Mao Lok Nya Ki Gamo. Stop the fight – Mwaka Lutukmoi’s Wise Counsel.

Hon. Norbert Mao

I thought I would keep quiet, but Martin Luther king, once said, “our lives begin to end the moment we keep silent on things that matter.

Mao, you wrote in your Twitter on 18th February 2022. Insinuating tribalism especially by rebating attacks on you. You alluded that the same people who threw party when General Lokech died, are the same demonstrating the treatment of Speaker Oulanya. 

Are the same people who stopped the dead body of Dr Obote from passing through Luwero and yes, the same fellows who rejected Ben Kuwanuka for Obote.

Soberly, in the 1990s and 2000 you exposed cold blood death on your people- Acholi, the injustice of the war. I remember, you could not engage in such sensitive fights with fellow opposition. I became your follower: mentee. I am still one and son is Mao Jr.

 I remember you  fought for Uganda and you said “ the fish rots from the head” You once said your voice is “ the mirror of your conscience” . As I nonchalantly read your post, I shaded tears.

I was the first to condemn demonstration against, Speaker Oulanya. As a scholar I listened to demonstrators, they argued, the whole thing is not about Oulanya as a person they told me. 

 The demonstration they argued was about excess of government and misrule. They said, Uganda loses more than $300 million dollars yearly on corruption. They argued that they demonstrated against Hon  kibule and Hon  Babierye here. 

They argued that the money used to fly and treat government big wigs and relatives can build the best hospital in the world. They gave example of  Hon  Raila Odinga who had brain surgery in Kenya.

Hon Mao, the death of General Lokech is a mystery.  Tribalism can only be used by our enemies. Remember, the entire Luwero war had a lot of propaganda. 

Remember in 1996 how the skulls were used to scare the center from the north. Besides, the agitators of Dr Obote body not passing Luwero was led by Minister Naduli. The same people dumped their own kiwanuka for Obote if I understand history. I think Obote played his card well, even in Lancaster conference in London.

History aside, Acholi went through an extinction and annihilation war. We lost over 200.000 people, lost over 30.000 children who became sex slaves or child soldiers. 

More than 1.8 million people herded in camps. In fact, I expected you and our leaders instead to  focus on advocating for reparation and seeking for justice for our people and ignore cyber war.  UBOS put us at 68% poverty.

Note: we must unite together as brothers or die together as fools. Like Martin Luther king taught us.

 Yes, I caution leaders both political and cultural to come together to sort this conflict. There are many Baganda in Acholi and many of Acholi  are living amicably with Buganda and other Ugandans.

 This love must continue. Any fights, helps the regime to cling on power. Remember the torture of Ugandans, gerrymandered and kleptomaniac democracy.

 Your flights makes tormentors happy and put a visible signature of pain across faces of Ugandans made a play thing and given a raw deal. Sad. 

Mwaka Lutukumoi. ( PhD Candidate- Scholar)



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