Speaker Oulanyah On a Steady Path to Recovery – Anita Among


The Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, is responding well to treatment, Deputy Speaker Anita Among has said.

During the House sitting on Thursday, Among said the Speaker is recovering well and that he has spoken with a number of legislators.

“I would like to inform the House that Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah is now in a very good state; he has been able to talk to a number of you; he is in a very good state and we thank God for that,” she said.

Last week, Among announced that Oulanyah was taken ill and is receiving specialised treatment, asking the country to send prayers and good wishes.

Earlier on Thursday, 17 February 2022, Oulanyah took to his Twitter handle @JacobOulanyah to thank Ugandans for their prayers and concern about his well-being.

“Fellow Ugandans, My deepest appreciation for your well-wishes and prayers; I wish you God’s blessings,” tweeted Oulanyah. Upon the recommendation of his doctors, Speaker Oulanyah was flown to seek specialised treatment abroad. KR


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