Te-Kworo Foundation to Sponsor 185 Girls in Acholi Sub Region

Picture @Te-kwaro Foundation

Up to 185 girls who are victims of gender and sexual violence will benefit from a full scholarship to study O’level in Kworo High Schools in Pader and Nwoya districts. The scholarships are part of Te-Kworo Foundation’s effort to provide second chance education to girls out of school as a result of early pregnancy or forced marriage.

The organization works with district probation offices to identify victims and provides a platform for rehabilitating rescued victims of forced marriages.  Currently, Te-Kworo Foundation is carrying out assessment of the most vulnerable girls in the sub counties of Alero in Nwoya and Purongo in Nwoya district, Acholibur in Pader district, as well as Adilang, Patongo and Lamiyo in Agago district.

While speaking at a media round table in NUMEC centre on Thursday, Lillian Ayaa, the Programs Manager for Te-Kworo Foundation said in all there are 300 scholarships spread through the years 2022-2025, adding that other scholarships will go towards skills training for those not able to join secondary education.

Te-kworo Foundation, a community-based Organization operating In Acholi Sub-region works in the area of education, child protection, health care and livelihood opportunities to war affected women and children, teenage girls, child mothers and survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

The Foundation recently took over the operations of Tender Trust Limited, an NGO that was running an orphanage in Kitgum Municipality and will set up a skilling center targeting women and girls with disability and those affected by conflict such as refugees; as well as those out of school for one reason or another.


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