Ambassador Olara Otunnu Wants Firm Policy on Pregnant Students

From Left to Right: Director Te-Kworo Foundation Alice Achan, Chairperson of the board of Te-Kworo Foundation Bishop Johnson Gakumba and Amb Olara Otunnu pose for a photo after the meeting @Te-Kworo

Former Under- Secretary and Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict of the United Nations Amb. Olara Otunnu wants government to address the current challenges of teenage pregnancies in Acholi Sub Region enable all school children return to school in January 2022

While meeting the chairperson of the Board of Directors for Tek-Kworo Foundation, also the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda, the Rt Rev Bishop Johnson Gakumba in Koro Sub County Omoro district on Tuesday November 2, 2021, the diplomat turned politician said stakeholders in Education need to first address the deep rotted taboo surrounding pregnant students to avoid stigma.

The media has been awash with news of teenage pregnancies during the Covid-19 pandemic. A Ministry of Education official Nelson Ayo said in September 2021 that over 90,000 girls under the age of 18 got pregnant during this period when they were not going to school. In Lamwo district alone, media reported in June that up to 17,000 school girls got pregnant.

Bishop Gakumba said to address the increasing number of pregnant teenagers, Tek-kworo Foundation will provide a platform for both academic and vocational education for both pregnant and breast-feeding mothers in their schools in Pader, Nwoya and in Kitgum districts.

Te-kworo Foundation, a community-based Organization operating In Acholi Sub-region works in the area of education, child protection, health care and livelihood opportunities to war affected women and children, teenage girls, child mothers and survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

The Foundation recently took over the operations of Tender Trust Limited, an NGO that was running an orphanage in Kitgum Municipality and will set up a skilling center for women and girls with disability as well as those out of school for one reason or another.

Alice Achan, the Director of Tekworo Foundation said they have secured 300 scholarships for girls in Kworo High School in Nwoya and Pader districts and the school will soon announce new scholarship opportunities.


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