Members of MEN shortly after a meeting

Northern Artist Gang Up Against Greedy Gulu District Official Implicated in COVID Cash Scandals fired.

A cross section of artist under, Music and entertainment Network (MEN) an umbrella Association that brings together all people in the creative arts industry in greater northern region have asked key officials and leaders implicated in the fraudulent COVID-19 Relief Fund to resign.

They insist on the node of vulnerability saying, “artists were among the vulnerable groups identified to benefit from the relief support unfortunately, our leaders and officials instead registered themselves, family members and friends denying the rightful beneficiaries the opportunity to be supported by the government of Uganda” read a note in a press release by Nyeko Simon Peter, the chairperson MEN dated 04/09/2021.

Adding that 80% of artist whose names were submitted for the emergency relief fund missed out due to greed orchestrated by the said local leaders who ganged up to rob not only from artist but also the poor as it had been outlined by OPM.

With over 1,200 artists from across Acholi, Lango, Karamoja and West Nile sub, MEN could have provided a levelled ground in ensuring that the rightful owners of the fund are in check unfortunately none of the members was/were consulted.

Full release.


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