Covidex Maker, Prof Patrick Ogwang Seeks shs 2billion for Clinical Trial

Covidex is yet to undergo clinical trials despite being approved by NDA . PHOTO/RACHEL MABALA

Prof Patrick Ogwang, the renowned innovator of covidex, the herbal remedy approved recently by the National Drug Authority as supplementary covid treatment, says he needs Shs 2bn to conduct clinical trials.

The drugs authority early this month gave a green light for use of Covidex in the treatment of viral infections including covid-19 patients.

It however said there was no sufficient information and proof that covidex cures covid-19 tasking its developers to conduct clinical trials.

In an interview with NTV, Prof Ogwang reveals that to do a clinical trial, he will need about Shs2bn, because the process is lengthy and involves hiring the expensive services of highly skilled professionals.

He adds that even with the sales made so far, they have not yet even raised half a billion shillings. 


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