Bizarre: Buikwe Leaders Worried About People Exhuming COVID Bodies for Rituals

Photo by @Daily Monitor

Buikwe leaders are worried about the exhuming of bodies of people who have died from Covid-19 to perform rituals on them.

The leaders are concerned that this practice may increase Covid-19 infections in the district.

Pontian Kiwanuka, the Case Management Officer on the district covid-19 task force committee says some people have started exhuming bodies that had earlier been buried to perform rituals on them.

He says some of the rituals include shaving off hair from the corpse, which is in total contravention of burial guidelines for Covid-19 laid out by the ministry of health.

Jane Frances Kagaayi, the Buikwe RDC says they have now started sensitizing residents of Nyenga division in Njeru about the danger of exhuming bodies of Covid-19 victims. Kagaayi also threatens to arrest whoever is found exhuming such bodies because they are disturbing the peace of the dead.

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