Perspective: Helping Secure Hon Amere’s “Impounded Ambulance” is Better Than That OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS donation – Odonga Otto

Hon Odonga Otto Jr

By Hon odonga otto I Thanks you our two leaders. I, however, note this is a good but a totally misplaced initiative, and seemingly illegal.

The MPs should rather follow up the billions of shillings appropriated by Parliament towards Covid19. 

Why donate to a government hospital and not a private hospital?

Their efforts should rather go to livelihood of youth, women, and the bodaboda class, closed markets & any other very needy social class due to lockdown.

Some MPs even transported school children straight home and not to quarantine centers if at all they existed at the time of dispersing them from the learning centres. 

Have MPs bothered to find out why all the local health centers have no operational quarantine centers yet parliament budgeted for it?

That approach is rather populist and totally misconceived and just helping government to be laughably ineffective.

We need more advocacy and lobbying with government and donor community.

We need to ask government to learn and support PNFP hospitals like St. Mary’s – LACOR hospital because many COVID victims are being referred to this hospital due to good and cheap treatment, and in the process corona is being transported to Gulu hence the statistics as we see today. No wonder Gulu is *third* in corona cases.

The MPs should rather challenge government as to why Lacor hospital can have a better facility than Mulago the national referral hospital. Lacor needs more budget support.

Ebola Lacor, nodding disease Lacor, COVID 19 Lacor, were is government? Don’t we pay taxes? Didn’t we vote “well”? 

This is where capacity of leaders comes into play.  As an Acholi veteran leader, I will engage colleagues like Hons. Mao, Prof Latigo, Okumu Reagan among others, and see how to help these new leaders who seem to be doing the right thing the wrong way.

But at least the duo have done something others have done nothing or even don’t know what to do.

Hon.Amere (Kitgum municipality) gave an ambulance that has since been impounded for political reasons. This is a better thing my friend Akol and Mapenduzi should do, to get the ambulance out to help our people, not donating to government that has better capacity and even misappropriating tax payers’ money.

Sorry to say your efforts is like shooting one mosquito with an atomic bomb because it spreads malaria. Is it sustainable? 

We know we needed a CT scan machine as early as it’s invention but to date non is functional in Acholi sub-region even when we were fundraising to have one installed in LACOR hospital. 

The president took over, pledged sometime last year, while in Acholi bur launching the Cassava growing initiative with the Archbishop of Gulu Arch diocese, Hon. Mapenduzi Ojara was present too. 

The CT scan machine is one very important diagnostic equipment required in this C19 Era, physicians know this. 

Where has the presidential pledge gone to? 

Why don’t our 2 brothers instead lobby the president to have this equipment brought to LACOR at this needy time? 

Some of us will not sit back and watch just because we will have to do something.   Activists  should  come on to support our elected leaders.


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