Public Transport Suspended, Curfew Time Adjusted to 7pm, Burials and Markets On Watch List.


KAMPALA — President Yoweri Museveni has re-imposed a strict total lockdown that included both public and private transport to help beat back a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Most of the new restrictions, Museveni said, would be implemented for 42 days. An assessment of their impact will then help the government decide whether to ease or prolong them, he added.

Also, except for cargo transporters (trains, lorries, pickups, etc), starting on Friday June 18, there will be a curfew across the whole of Uganda.

The President said his mobilisers had observed that some sections of the public were not adhering to the curfew hours (2100 Hrs to 0530 Hrs).

As such, he has directed that the curfew time throughout the country be pulled back to 19:00pm to 05:30 am.

“All human beings except security and those authorized to move should be their homes, he said.

He said Boda-Bodas will only be allowed to move only up to 17:00pm. Boda bodas and other private vehicles have been allowed to transport cargo including delivering critical patients to hospitals, the president announced.

Government workers have been ordered to stay at home for the 42 days, save for security agencies, health workers and a few other workers to be clearly communicated.

The President announced that Entebbe International Airport will remain open, but “we shall ensure the no virus, or new variants enter Uganda”.

He said all cargo movements, to and out of Uganda will be allowed without any disruption but said
Cargo truck drivers at land-border crossings will be tested allowed to move and be followed up at the designated Seclusion Areas and holding places for Cargo trucks.

He directed the Ministry of Works and Transport to reactivate the operations of Seclusion Areas for Cargo trucks.

He banned Non-cargo cross-border movement, except for licensed tourist vehicles for the next 42 days.

The President also directed that Food Market Venders should revert to the Presidential Directive of March 2020 to stay in their places of work.

“Kikuubo and other Business Centres should be closed, and the situation reverts to the Presidential Directive of March 2020,” he added.

For burials, whereas the compliance on this has been low, he said the high-risk factor assessed is the pressure of people seeking permission to go and attend burials from place to place.

This, he explained that it poses the highest danger of spreading the virus and breaches of the strategy.

He directed that burials be restricted to the core family as applied in the military.


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