Government Starts Withdrawal of Un-utilized Covid19 Vaccines from Northern / Eastern Uganda. Take A Jab Now!


The ministry of health has started withdrawing COVID-19 vaccines from districts which are registering a low uptake.

According to Henry Mwebesa, the Director General Health services at the ministry, this is being done to avoid wastage of the vaccine as the expiry dates looms – July 10th, 2021.

While uptake of the vaccines remains to be minimal in northern and eastern districts of Uganda, the said vaccines will be withdrawn from these areas and reprogramed for vaccination of the population in Kampala where there is a surge in the number of infection.

He says the national medical store teams has been ordered to start collecting the vaccines in the identified districts further asking district leaders to comply.

Mwebesa further noted that, only 10 vials will be left in the districts to utilize with a node to those coming in for a second doze.


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