Foul Play Cited as Defilement Suspect Escapes from Police Custody in Gulu.


A defilement suspect on Sunday night escaped from police custody at Gulu Central Police Station.

Eric Olanya, aged 18 and a resident of Cubu A and C, Tegwana Parish in Laroo –Pece Division allegedly defiled a 10-year-old girl on November 3.

He was later arrested on 5th November, charged with Aggravated Defilement under Gulu CRB 1249/2020 and detained at Gulu Central Police Station where he escaped.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, says that police are still investigating the circumstances leading to the escape of the suspect from custody since he was the only one who escaped. He also added that the police are hunting for the suspect to bring him to book.

Okema also faulted the Directorate of Public Prosecution –DPP for delaying the process of arraigning the suspect in court by returning the file and advising police to re-examine the age of the suspect.

According to URN, Denise Ojwee, the father of the victim in an interview revealed that he suspects foul play by police in regards to the escape of the suspect. Ojwee adds that he is so heartbroken since justice may not be served accordingly.

Aggravated Defilement is a criminal act contrary to section 129 (3) and (40) (a) of the Penal Code Act.


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