Too Paco: Mixed Reaction as Uganda National Bureau of Standard Suspends Operation of Mukamanayamba Gulu Branch Over Dirt.


“Mukamanayamba Gulu Branch has been found manufacturing drinks under unhygienic conditions, Products manufactured in Gulu found labelled as ‘manufactured in Kabwohe’. Read a notice from Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

Adding that, Gulu facility has no certification permit and products manufactured in Gulu are illegally bearing the Qmark before they passed a verdict – Operations suspended.

The discussion on the production process was largely ignored as Ugandans bombarded Uganda National Bureau of Standards over the quire and filth fingers wrought in corruption and bribe allegations.

These are the perspectives…….

Emmanuel Ojara Sunday, Finally the truth has come me I had my reservation over this product and even never sold in my shop. But they will buy UNBS off and continue with dirty work

Oyat Alfred, Right from the start I doubted their credibility. There are many more. Kituz…, and many confectioneries in Gulu. Simply keep away from all their products for your good health.

Joshua Wod Pawatanda, But u people when the government gave Ugandans rotten maize flour and beans during the lockdown, that even a pig would think twice before eating where were you..?? Weren’t your hands folded and your legs crossed…? Now you want to impress Ugandans that you’re working so hard..??

Ocheng Francis,I doubt whether this country has National Bureau of standard. Juice Processing using Saucepans, fire woods in a pig like structures? What I know is that the so call UNBS staff are using their staff ID’S to extort money from the culprits.

Hams DiMax HD, UNBS you people are going to kill us before our time, imagine just few weeks ago, some of your officials were caught red handed in the act of bribery with this same mukamanayamba company when you okay the quality of these drink in Kabwohe,,Sheema district and what actions did you people take afterwards to ensure consumer protection? Again today same issue, with same company, am quite sure we Ugandans are consuming a lot of unsafe products not deemed safe for humans cause of your greed n unprofessional behaviors you always keep silent until you people are caught off guard, that’s when you wake up.

Brian Akatwijuka You are doing all this because Anti-Corruption court arrested your staff after asking and receiving bribes from Mukama Nayamba

Niwagaba Ambrose Katoto, I saw this coming. This is a total revenged for your staff that was arrested by Lt. Cool. Edith Nakalema after taking a bribe from Mukamanayamba of recently.

However, Uganda National Bureau of Standards is yet to respond to the allegations scoffed at them in regards to their operations and niche towards quality assurance.



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