Poverty is a Big Business in Africa.

Oryem Kissinger the author

Oryem Kissinger-Kitgum: I can tell this from where am standing.
There was this war of 27guns that ended the reign of Gen. Tito in 1986. This war had a spill of bread and wine; bread for stomach and wine for the soul.

Too much endless praises and blames…. this has weaken the knots of unity as well. They against Us got it’s fuel from this station of propaganda.
And there was this K’jong raid in Acoli, Lango and Teso BUT am more familiar with the Acoli one, especially for my family.

Cattles were taken, and the assumption then was that the K’jong raided it but later, few facts to those who claims it said something else… I was too young and I can’t remember those facts for now BUT all I know is I heard them speak and that was the Genesis of poverty in Acoli.

This other cousin of my father, who died somewhere in Sudan was telling everyone how there shall be war for a long time and there shall be poverty in the end.

He was a solider of high rank BUT was talking and crying, people though the child in him was the one making its character known BUT look back now!

His story ended like that of a crow who was sent to see if the land was dry in the story of Noah… (everything in the story seems intended to build trust in children and as the story is told by different people, it changes so don’t blame me if this version is too wild for you).

Now without Cattle, plenty of the people would go to their kraal to really find out if that wasn’t a dream. they would cry their soul out, many committed suicide for death became cheaper and, there was war before everyone recovered from the agony of losing cattles…

This war was engineered to effect self destruction mode, whereby children were abducted and made enemies of the people, they were forced to kill their family members, sometimes they were forced to eat parts of the dead body or be killed. This killing would be done as an example to new recruits. So, the children became wild young conscripts and would even “kill a dead body”.

In the villages, there was terror every night and nothing to cook or to eat since there was little or no farming. the cry for food was like roosters crow early morning….

Without food, with abductions on going and huts being burnt each day, there came a pot idea…. Close them up….

Everyone was enclosed into Internally displaced people’s camp and “giving was the idea of taking”.. I mean giving you what you could do so that your esteem is taken.

Elders became children as they watch their lives fade to nothingness.
Children discovered what they had and used them. Before we knew it, HIV was cheaper than food, and better sick than hungry so people lived.

15years saw many elders and the bank of Acoli burried, so the few young people became elders and decision makers.

Brewed in the camp with culture of receiving, boooooom! the camp was opened for everything to go back. Land conflict, high rural urban migration having sold land and bought motorcycle etc became the new normal.
Finally freedom came. freedom from culture, freedom from self awareness and freedom to be stupid just for being stupid.

And it went on and on.

Education became cheap, for the giving was becoming expensive and the next option was selling land by youths and hanging around town. why not? party, dances and also enjoying what mama gave them… as sickness was brewing in young people who just found life in peace.

All the above is different sorts of poverty that forefathers didn’t anticipate I could say without trying to blame. Where we are, we don’t even know who speaks and all the Acoli listen… So this could be among the many new things that makes the boat of Acoli culture leak….

Now, we have the choice of leadership…. something to be taken seriously for transformation, but also we have this thing call poverty that introduced us to short cut many years ago. It is what we get now that matters to majority.

Can manifesto mingle Posho in my house tonight? if no, then give me my money if you need my vote.

This is where votes becomes the wine to the aspirant and Bread to the voters. In the end, hunger sets in few days and there isn’t any where to go but call the leaders for tokens. They also give to ensure you are captured in your own movies and enslaved.

We can never have a sensible elections until we can take a key BUT not the Bread. A hungry person needs food before any other thing.

Since the elections time is here, however scientific just eat. we also know that once a stupid person eats he or she will sleep only to wake up to bitter reality, cry again, eat and sleep again.

Bread or the key? the choice is yours in short run but ours in the end.

Until we stop poverty from voting, manifesto can wait.


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