Government to Give out Free Face Mask in a Span of 2 Week. Will Nytil Match up the Game?

President-Museveni @PPU

President Museveni has announced that all Ugandans will receive free face masks in a bid to safeguard them from the burden imposed by COVID-19.

In his repeated remarks, Museveni emphasized the need for compulsory use of mask at all times. Through the local resistance council in reference to the (Local Council – LC) at grassroots level the mast will be channeled to ensure all get them simultaneously to ensure not one is left out.

“Just like we distributed mosquito nets, we will use then people to makes sure all are given mask. We will give out mask to kids from as young as 6year onwards” Museveni said.

The distribution of this mask at national level is to ensure that people do not get to borrowing masks.

“Once the issue of masks is addressed, then, shops selling general merchandize will open provided they are not in the shopping malls, shopping arcades and food markets. The heroic market women that have slept in the work places for all these days, will be allowed to go home and come back to work daily if they want to.” Museveni said.


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