What Next? 227 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases, President Museveni Set to Give Updates Tomorrow at 8pm.


With rising number of COVID-19 cases, President Yoweri Museveni is yet to assure the nation tomorrow Monday on planned action to contain the spread of the virus and next cause of action.

This was annoumed by, Lindah Nabusayi, Press Secretary to the President confirmed this evening.

When President Museveni last addressed the nation, the confirmed cases were less than 100, but are now at 227 with the cumulative number of foreign truck drivers who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Uganda at a record 125.

He is expected to explain two key measures, the testing of drivers before they return, and return of Ugandans from abroad.

Early in the week, news broke that some Ugandans had been given permission to return, this despite the President clearly stating Uganda’s borders had been closed to passenger traffic.


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