Priest At Ediofe Cathedral in Arua District Riot, Fr. Lazarus Kicked Out.


URN|Fr. Lazarus Ejoyi has forcefully been evicted from the priest’s residence at Ediofe Cathedral in Arua district. Over 20 members of the parish pastoral council stormed Ediofe Cathedral Parish and Bishop’s Chancery this morning and started throwing out the priest’s property.

They broke the lock to Fr. Ejoyi’s quarters around 8:00 am under the supervision of the Bishop of Arua Diocese Sabino Ocan and started removing his property including several jerrycans of wine which Fr. Ejoyi has been brewing in one of the three rooms he occupied to earn a living.

There was a heated exchange between Fr. Ejoyi and the parish pastoral council members who accused him of using his residence to brew local wine. Left without any option, Fr. Ejoyi accepted to board the truck carrying his property and demanded to be dropped at Nile University Campus in Ombaci where he has been lecturing since his suspension more than three years ago.

Bishop Sabino directed the parish pastoral council members to escort Fr. Ejoyi to wherever he wanted to go. He also urged the pastoral councilors to bear him witness on his accusations against Fr. Ejoyi for failure to comply with his directives.

Information obtained by our reporter shows that Fr. Ejoyi was scheduled to testify in his assault case against the Vicar General Kasto Adeti at Arua Magistrates Court. However both parties failed to show up because of the surprise eviction.

A number of Christians rushed to witness the eviction drama at Ediofe as plain clothed security personnel disguised as Christians and kept guard around the priest’s residence and the Chancery.

According to sources in Ediofe Parish, the Bishop and Vicar General were advised to use the Parish Pastoral Council which has powers to administer the affairs of the parish to evict Fr. Ejoyi after they were let down by a Court bailiff whom they paid Shillings 150,000 more than a year ago.

The eviction of Fr. Ejoyi comes a week after he was assaulted by the Vicar General Kasto Adeti for alleged failure to leave and insults directed at himself and the Bishop. Fr. Ejoyi, who sustained a broken arm opened an assault case against Adeti at Arua Central Police station. Adeti later confessed to our reporter that he acted out of emotion when he attacked Fr. Ejoyi


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