Pictorial: Protest in Kaabong as 1,000 Heads of Cattle and 2 Lives are Lost in Nasty Raid.


A group of women in Kaabong took their frustration in the streets and protested the continued cattle raid of their cows by suspected Karamojong youth from Kotido.

An informer onsite talking to the team at Northernews Wire said,

“Today the women whose animals were raided protested and marched to the office of the Resident District Commissioner calling for action.  The group formed by mostly women want their oxen’s returned or else the government takes on the burden of taking care of them”.

He noted that the continued raid like the latest that happened on Saturday at around 11pm in the night has not only affected the ability of the said group from farming but also led to the death of two men.

This is a developing story, more details coming as we try reaching out to the concerned authority including office of the RDC.


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