Lockdown Frown: 35 Different Cases of Death Registered in ASWA Region. Police Draws Next Plan of Action.

Jimmy Patrick okema - PRO Police Aswa Region.

Police in Aswa Region have recorded up to 35 deaths since the start of national lockdown. 

According to Patrick Jimmy Okema, Aswa Region Police Spokesperson the cause of the death ranged from  land wrangles to suicide, hit and run motor accidents, mob justice, drowning, lightning and domestic brawls.

“Omoro District recorded 7 deaths, Gulu, Pader and Nwoya each had 6 death. Lamwo; Amuru Kitgum Districts each had recorded 3 three deaths”.

He cited the death of one Odongo Bosco in Pader District who had succumbed to bullet wounds after being shot by police officers who were obstructed from arresting a UPDF officer during a scuffle in Awere Sub County.  That full story herein at: Erratic Gunshot leaves one dead and two seriously injured

However, as the rate of crime soars in the region, Okema has called on local leaders to join hands with security forces in sensitization minimize such crimes with a nod on the high rate of death related to suicide in the region.

In a related development, a meeting of all District Police Commanders and Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department in Acholi sub-region convened on Monday by Aswa Region Police Commander, Ezekiel Emitu at Gulu District Council Hall

It was resolved that, all their personnel “MUST” wear personal protective equipment to avoid the occurrence of an incident similar to that of Masindi.

Rights activist Robert Larubi welcomed the resolution of mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) as a good safety precaution to protect officer against the deadly virus disease.


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