TAM Mariibe aye teko, nyac pa lakwaru ka iye wang me imado! Odo mu goyo nyeki pe inyero! Wang bur pe ki weko ki olwangi! Malakwang ka Wac , ki liyo! Nyuka ka Oton icib pe nange!

Pe wa kutu te bila ki kaka.Man ongon ma alego ni lwak weny olwod.Lutuwa cwinya cwer! Cwer pi apoka poka matye ikin wan Acholi, ulaya wa gang kwica!

Roro, mone, nyeko, col cwiny, oroma wa woko.LUKAKA, ma calo latela pa Acholi, Amito Lego jami magi. Ma pwudi pe a miyo tam ma, Amito waco pingo wa poke bene Walker calo cin kak?

Complacency. We are complacent and have the feeling of arrivalism. Most of our people come out, toil so hard, to achieve. Others go through jail, and other unspeakable challenges.

Most of DAISPORA, after all these, they achieve education, and stable income. For this they close any communication with anyone from Acholi.

They will ensure that they don’t associate with any Acholi endeavors. But not everyone succeed. Many still struggle and many die alone and cities bury them in city morgues.

Cases, secrecy. Most have pending cases and do not want to share, yet a problem shared is half solved. I don’t care attitude. Many, because of hardship, and because they contribute to individual relatives , they have distanced self from anything group Adaptation of western life: after learning the system, many adopt to western bazungu life of God for us all, each one for himself.


WE will preserve the Acholi culture. A people United can never be defeated. The Acholi who have been to in DAISPORA for long, and know the system, can help the new people settle without experiencing challenges new immigrants face.

Many people, Acholi with immigration cases can get enough evidence and witnesses. I stood as physical witness for over five people. Employment opportunities.

Acholi in DAISPORA at different levels, can help others get job.Education opportunities. We have professors, dean of students, and leaders and teachers at universities. These proffessors, ends up being awarded the best and yet they are lone kings. They are not to blame, they went through a lot equally.

A professor told me how he did factories work, dish washing to finish his education and reach where he is. This made some believes in themselves. Helping achieve the bigger Acholi Agenda.

With unity, we can help contribute directly or through lobbying. We have assembled a team of LUTAM PA KAKA, The team constitutes Acholi in DAISPORA and home.

The the have assembled the willing to construct Acholi Agenda. We plan and already at advance stages of developing Acholi Marshall plan to revamp Acholi community. To build socioeconomic development.

Fellow tribesmen and women, tam pa LUKAKA tye ikum wu. Wa ribe wunu, ribe aye take, wan Acholi ma woko ki gang ka wa ribe ba, peko weng bad ayom pek.


We are raising funds for hoes and seeds for Acholi in lockdown. We want 10 million shillings, to support 5000 households. We are halfway through. Less than 20 people contributed.

Note. If we don’t have the don’t “care attitude”, we will have raised 100 million shillings. Each DAISPORA can raise a million but we are divided. There are those at home with capacity to do the same.

Leyo wiya ka luloka ribe.LUKAKA, Acholi are down trodden and not feared. We lack leadership and everyone for himself. And we have no bargaining power Nationally, and no one fears us. We lost both social, cultural, economic and political powers.

Apwoyo, ki pic wanga pi ribe………..Mwaka Lutukumoi


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