Great Relief: Vulnerable Deejays and Mcees in Gulu Gifted with Posho and Beans as COVID-19 Lock-down Bites


Its barely a week after MC Lucky the Ladies brushed off his job as an event MC in a viral video where he spoke highly of the biting poverty, being abandoned by friends and feeling helpless during this period of the lockdown.

“Corona has taught and enabled me understand what to call a job, who to count among my true friends and what to for a living after the lockdown is lifted” Lucky said.

With regrets to how he used to dish out out money in the past on friends who have all gone silent   in this trying time that he actually needs them most.

He says none of them has come to encounter with his experience except for the little support he had managed to secure form a couple of politicians in the region.

The same plea especially for support in terms of food aid was sounded by Mc Young Moni who outright said “Yala Tye Marac” – during a press conference held at Luxus Lounge in Gulu before the extension of the partial lockdown session to 21 extra days.

Well, the appeal by the two turned out to be a lifesaving mover for the other celebrities in the area riddled by poverty yet shy to say they are starving.

“I will not pretend that all is well No. All gigs were cancelled; everyone is at home so business is not as usual. It is not about me as an individual but a lot of our fellas in the industry’ Young Moni echoed.

However, Gulu COVID-19 Task Force yesterday came to their rescue when they opted to give some of the notable entertainers 10kg of Posho and 5kg of beans each.

And these included MC Kash Owakabi, Mc Young Moni, Mc Makofi, Mc Lucky Da Ladies Wine and Deejay Wokos among others 26 individuals.

“Yes we extended a little support to them, I wish we could do more based on the need unfortunately we are incapacitated due to funding gaps” Okot Santo Lapolo, the Resident District Commissioner Gulu who also doubles as the chairperson of the COVID-19 Task Force said.

According to Ojara Martin Mapenduzi,  LCV Chairman said, there is nothing to proclaim about this support because they are doing it for the sake of humanity.

“The source of livelihood for the deejays and Mcees have been cut short by the directives, bard and clubs are closed and indication they have not money to offset their little needs. We spotted a few and help”.

In related development about 500 families of Persons with Disabilities have been support with posho, beans, salt, cooking oil and a bar of soap each.

Over 1,000 Slum dwellers specifically 330 around Holy Rosary area, 400 Kasubi Gowns Quarter, 400 in Olayilong have been given Munk beams (Coroko) to aid their survival.

Prof. Elizabeth Opio of Gulu University surrendered her I acres of cassava that has been given to the Moslem community to feast on during this time of Ramathan besides 500kgs of rice from Mego Aol Betty Ochan, Gulu Woman member of Parliament.


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