A 16-year Old Girl Donates UGX 100,000 to Help with COVID-19 Fight.

Eunice, a 16-year old girl is a of Seeta High School. Photo credit @Credit: Jino

Kitgum district coronavirus taskforce was surprised when a S.4 student identified as Eunice offered UGX 100,000 to help fight COVID-19.

Eunice, a 16-year old girl who goes to Seeta High School, Mukono and a S.4 candidate surprised Northern Uganda when she donated 100,000 Uganda shillings to the Kitgum district coronavirus taskforce, joining hands with the world in the fight against COVID-19.

According to a video interview released by Get Inspired Uganda, a media company that documents inspirational stories in Uganda, the young donor approached her father with 20,000 shillings, wondering how she could reach to the district coronavirus taskforce.

Shocked by how his child wanted to spend her pocket money balance on charity, the father was challenged and he topped up 80,000 shillings making the total grant from generous Eunice to be 100,000 shillings.

Eunice then went to Radio Tembo, a Kitgum-based radio station to get guidance on how her contribution could safely land the hands of the district task force. Eventually, she was accompanied by the radio staff to the district COVID-19 resources mobilization team from where she happily unveiled her donation.

What do we learn from Eunice’s experience?

COVID-19 is a universal health issue that robs people irrespective of their age, gender, race, and economic status and there’s no better way to tackle it than offer what we have to strengthen the existing efforts of fighting it.

In recent weeks, the Ugandan Present could spend hours on the television reading names of generous companies, organizations and individuals who support the COVID-19 cause. 

Not long after Eunice shocked the nation, another big-hearted teenage soul in Gulu donated 50,000 shillings which Maj. Okot Santo Lapolo, the city’s RDC was pleased to receive. 

Kind souls like Eunice have inspired the President himself to donate half of his 3.6m shillings (1.4m) to the National COVID-19 taskforce every month.


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