Agago District Police Commander Arrested for Defying Presidential Directives. Activist Want Him Tried Too for Reckless Shooting of a Deaf/Mute Boy’s.

Samson Lubega

Agago District Police Commander, Samson Lubega has been arrest for allegedly defying presidential directives.

Lubega now locked behind bars at Gulu central police station is accused for authorizing a gathering of about 30 people at the home of Mr. Francis Onek a business man from Patongo town council in Agago district.

According to Jimmy Patrick Okema, police Publicist, Aswa region, the said business man had just returned from broad through Dubai and arrived in Ugandan on 17th March 2020.

As a routine, he has been asked to undergo self-quarantined but varnished only to reappear in the vicinity as the party took its course on Sunday.

“He Mr. Oneka appeared and presented medical certificate from China friendship Hospital Naguru with negative results thus the call for a party”

The DPC got caught up in the racket first of issued permission for the gathering and secondly gracing the occasion.

“Yes we arrested him for defying presidential directives on curbing the spread of COVID-19, a team of officers from Police and fourth division have been sent on ground for fact finding mission” Okema said.

Linos Ngompek, the Resident District Commissioner simply confirmed his arrest saying “The DPC went against the directives put in place to curb the spread of COVID_19”.

However, the arrest of Lubega has come with a wave of debate to have him also tried for down playing an investigation into the shooting of a 25-year-old deaf and mute youth by LDUs. Leading to his leg being amputated.

“We demand for fresh Investigation into the shooting of Oloya Willis whose leg has now been amputated after it was completely shattered with over 20 bullets. Police has all the cartridges and Lubega has been at it since he is in custody the force can now take due diligence and render justice for Oloya” Said, Olanya Tonny, a Human Rights / Civic Activists based in Gulu.

Who further stressed that, Mr.Lubega has been playing hide and seek but should be brought to book certainly for all the crimes and Illegalities he has been involved in.


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