Government Misusing COVID-19 Situation to Lockup Politicians / Activists – DP


Mityana Municipality MP, Hon. Francis Zzake was arrested and taken to unknown destination by security officials in Uganda.

This was after security officials suspected him of distributing food relief items to vulnerable people in his constituency during this coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Uganda Police Force, in a statement released on Monday, said that,….”Hon. Francis Zzake have been arrested for distributing 2kgs of rice and sugar to selected household in Buswabulongo”…

Those charged face “Presidential directive violations” including attempted murder, disobedience of lawful order and negligent act.

There are shared video on Hon. Zzake’s Facebook Account in which security officials welding guns and sticks broke into the house of Hon. Zzake and forced themselves inside the house without a warrant which violates his rights.

The NRM government is misusing COVID-19 to lock up opposition activists and others expressing concern about the virus and the government response.

The NRM government should stop abusing people’s right to food and instead focus on providing the public with accurate and timely information.

The right to food is a human right enshrined in the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICECSR) since 1976, signed by over 106 countries. It provides provides humans to live free from hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.

The Democratic Party calls upon the NRM government to unconditionally release Hon. Francis Zzake and set him free because he has not committed any crime to attend to humanitarian food relief to hungry strikers Ugandans in his constituency.


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