Coronavirus – South Sudan: UN Staff Defied Self-Isolation Rule. Disciplinary Action Awaits.


The United Nations has decided to take disciplinary action against a staff member who failed to complete self-isolation and left South Sudan without authorization.

The staff member was in isolation after it was believed he may have come into contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. He received one test that confirmed him as negative and then left Juba on a flight without the knowledge of the United Nations. The flight was commercial, not a United Nations flight.

Since arriving in his home country, he had been tested again and confirmed to be negative for COVID-19.

In the interests of openness and transparency, the United Nations informed the Ministry of Health and expressed its regret about what had happened.

The United Nations is continuing to strictly follow the health protocols relating to COVID-19 and is working cooperatively through the World Health Organization with the Ministry of Health.

Any United Nations staff who fail to adhere to the requirements for testing and self-isolation will face disciplinary action because it is vital that all of us – whether UN or members of South Sudanese communities – work together to reduce the risk of COVID-19.


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