Agago ex-MP’s Mother in Agony After Man sets her Hut on Fire


A 58-year old man is currently being held at Kalongo Police for allegedly burning down a hut that belonged to Mego Ventorino, the mother of the former legislator for Agago North Constituency Rt Hon Okot John Amos.

Although many predicted that hospitals would get full during the COVID-19 pandemic while remand homes clear, the bet seems wrong – paradoxically, crime rates either remained the same or are rising with the ongoing medical emergency.

Mr Oryema David Thursday night set ablaze the grass-thatched house after he was angered by his wife’s departure from home, a sort of separation between couples prevalent in Acholi communities in times of misunderstandings in relationships that could potentially fuel permanent breakups. 

David, who was serving a prior prison sentence at Patongo remand home learned about the incident following his release and return home on Thursday, April 9, 2020. 

It’s unclear what triggered the disappearance of Mr Oryema’s wife, Ms Amwong Esther while the husband was jailed. Without extensive investigation, Oryema got suspicious after he found the ex-lawmaker’s mother, Mego Ventorino on phone with his missing wife. He quickly thought that the old woman was responsible for his wife’s exit.

Angered, Mr Oryema planned retaliation and at about 11:00 pm local time, his mission was accomplished when Ventorino’s hut was seen in flames.

The local community immediately intervened, apprehended and handed the 58-year old over to Police in Kalongo again. Mr Oryema, who was initially incriminated with doing grievous harm on Bernard Odong under case number: CRB 05/2020 will now face a fresh charge of arson (malicious destruction to property). The suspect would have been charged twice in a row within a short time.

The Uganda Prisons Service (UPS) has recently appealed to the government for the release of a handful of prisoners who had served two-thirds of their sentences, inmates over 65 years and those on non-capital offences to create more space as the ministry braces for coronavirus emergency. 

It still remains doubtful if the initial discharge of Mr Oryema was under the Presidential pardon arrangement to decongest detention centres lobbied for by UPS. However, with fresh charges only fate awaits his trial.


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