Ker Kwaro Kicks Off Fundraising Drive for COVID 19 National Task Force

Kidega James Nabinson Lamwo RDC handing his contribution.

Acholi Cultural Institution [Ker Kwaro] has finally opened a money basket to fund-raise for government to help in the fight against COVID 19. Uganda’s COVID19 case has risen to 55 cases.

On the 30th March, the president asked people to support the government with anything they have to help in the fight against the deadly COVID 19 that has hit the country.

In a statement issues today by the Acholi Cultural institution, His highness Rwot David Onen Acana II the paramount chief of Acholi is appealing to all the Acholi both in the Diaspora and in the country to support the cultural institution since their strength lies on them.

He said as Kwer Kwaro their strength lies with its subject and for them to support the government people need to contribute so that they also send in their support to the government.

In his speech delivered by the prime Minster Ambrose Olaa, the Chief said the president has always supported Acholi so now that he has openly requested to be supported, it’s high time they also support the government.

Olaa adds they want Acholi community to unite together and support the government in the fight against the deadly virus.

He said for anybody with a contribution can contact these two numbers 0772459444 and 0774347200 but more of the fundraising modality will be communicated on Tuesday.

Meanwhile James Nabinson Kidega, the Lamwo Resident District Commissioner was first to begin fundraise with 200,000 shillings.

Kidega said this is the right moment for Acholi community to also support the government with anything they have to help in the fight against COVID 19.

He is also appealing to the Acholi community and the leaders to join the cause like other people are doing and support the government

“Now is the time to support our cultural institution so that we also stand with the President, am calling all the leaders to join hands and we take this fundraising far” Kidega said.


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