Five Teenagers Survive Lynching, Saved by Police


Gulu: Police in Gulu municipality have this morning rescued five teenagers from an irate mob in Pece Lukung, Gulu city suburb. The youth were allegedly caught breaking into a house belonging to one Okwera Willy. The incidence happened today morning at around 7am when one Katerega Richard and Issah were caught red handed.

The angry mob descended on the suspects and beat them up before the police intervened. The Aswa regional police spokesman ASP Patrick Okema said it was alleged that this is the second time the same suspects were breaking into the same premises according to police record of February under SD 11/29/02/2020.

“Today 18th April 2010 at around 7am’ Katerega Richard 17 years old and Issah were found breaking into the house of one Okwera Willy from Pece Lukung. They were beaten by angry mob and this led to arrest of Okwera Paulo 17 years old, Otto Innocent 19 years old and Lulu Kennedy 17 years old.”, read part of the police communication.

It is reported that the mob demanded that the two suspects lead authority to their other accomplices, hence leading to the arrest of the others.

Issah has been rushed to GRRH for treatment since he was beaten badly. The rest are in police cells at CPS Gulu pending charges of burglary and theft.

The police warned residents against taking the law in their own hands.


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