The recent government application of nationwide curfews starting 7:00 pm every day in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is yielding mixed results.

More than a fifth of the world has been under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus that has infected over 2 million people and killed another 145,000. The US is worst hit, claiming 34,522 of the total fatalities as of today.

Although a Malawi high court has blocked the government from imposing a 21-day lockdown on grounds of unclear government support plans for the poor people, Botswana, on the other hand, is seeking to extend its lockdown for six more months

Dozens of other countries are quarantining at a higher pace though critics say the world should start lifting the lockdowns to save the economy.

Uganda Tuesday extended its partial lockdown for three weeks (until May 5) without resistance from the public. The President maintained the prohibition on the use of motorcycles beyond 2 pm and a total ban on movement between 7 pm and 6:30 a.m every day.

Northernews Wire’s correspondent Joel Odota spoke with Jino Oloya of Kitgum district on his lockdown experience.

“I live about 3.5km from the heart of Kitgum town and cover at least 7km on a return trip each day”, narrates Jino while sweating profusely on his little bicycle near the Central Division food market. The medium-sized guy praised the lockdown for putting a ban on the use of private cars and motorcycles, saying walking and cycling are great habits for health.

Jino now plans on procuring another bicycle to help his family, but worries prices are shooting up quickly during the lockdown. He further advised that the lockdown is meant to protect the nation from a deadly pandemic and shouldn’t be seen as a punishment.

“We see thousands of people die in a single day elsewhere in the world. We don’t wish to have that here” explains, Jino.

It seems like bicycles just got fashionable since the lockdown kicked off. The streets of Kitgum now observe different kinds of bicycles, some of which are as old as 30 years. Prices of new bicycles and spare parts also rose during the quarantine period, while the use of motorcycles dropped a hundredfold.

Some people have also resorted to hiking (no running) to keep fit. The President has since banned any form of outdoor activities.

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Odoa on Bike


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