10 South Sudanese Nationals Arrested for illegal Entry into Uganda as Hunger Strikes.

Online Photo Eye Radio

Police in Amuru have arrested 10 South Sudanese nationals for illegally entering into Uganda.

“The arrested persons crossed to South Sudan before the lockdown in order to get food as they have nothing to feed on from the other side” Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa Region Police spokesperson said.

The suspect had made their way into Uganda through the porous borders in a span of only two days.

The suspects now locked up at Elegu police station awaiting their charge of illegal entry into the country include.

Daniel Amis, Samuel Okot, Paul Aliko, Ojok David Okot Robert all residents of Abila village Nimule, Pagirinya and Kololi camps respectively who confessed to have crossed to Uganda to South Sudan on April 15, 2020.  

He further listed, Abi Regina mother of one-year-old kid, Anyang Cecilia, Apere Maria, Adwaru Regina and Angweng Garang 23yrs all refugees still from Pagirinya camp in Adjumani district.

According to Okema, the said suspects are alleged to have crossed into Uganda with the help of fishermen who carried them on their backs through River Unyama as they dashed in to pick their food ration as refugees.

Okema further revealed that, the suspects had crossed to South Sudan before the COVID-19 lock-down and returned to Uganda only to their usual food ration as they were being haunted by hunger in South Sudan. 

“Amuru district task force members are aware of the problem as we informed them in the district taskforce meeting”.

Michael Lakony, the Amuru district LC V chairperson, says he has severally raised concern on the issue of the porous borders compromising public health in the district. 

As he appealed to government to operationalize the quarantine center in the district to deal with suspects in a bid to curb the risk of spreading the virus. 


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