Picture: LDU Shot Dump/Deaf Boy in Adilang. Worst Part, Leg Amputated.


A 25-year-old youth with a disability is pleading for justice at Ambrozoli Hospital, Kalongo Town Council in Agago District.

Willis Oloya was shot on the leg by one of the soldiers attached to the Local Defence Unit, as they enforced the President’s curfew directive.

Willies, a youth with hearing impairment was shot due to miscommunication. He could not respond to their verbal communications and neither did the security understand his communication prompting one personnel to open up his magazine on him.

His left leg was totally damaged and by yesterday his leg had to be amputated because it had started rotting. Family now demand justice as the alleged suspect in the shooting are all at large.

Follow the debate online make a single tweet calling for justice for Oloya today under #DeafJusticeCampaign #Justice4Oloya

Thanks to #NTV-Uganda for picking interest in this particular story


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