Irene Gleeson Foundation to Distribute 1,000 Bibles and Transistor Radios.


The Irene Gleeson Foundation (IGF) in partnership with Daystar Television network are set to freely distribute 1000 bibles and Transistor Radios to residents of Lamwo and Kitgum district.

In a social media post yesterday, John Paul Kiffasi, the Executive Director Irene Gleeson Foundation revealed they secured the said items specifically radios to help enhance community education and increase access to information on prevention of the pandemic.

This he said was based on the fact that majority of the people in the area rely so much on FM Radios their information.

He further noted that apart from the radios being issued out to the population, the foundation equally had the same numbers of translated bibles “Luo Bibles” that they were also going to five up to the populace.


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