#COVID-19: 1.5m Infected Globally, 90,000+ Dead. Can Coronavirus Forge Solidarity?

latest statistics on COVID-19 transmission on the Continent. The Africa CDC COVID-19 dashboard is updated twice daily with latest statistics from our Member States.

Guest Post I By Joel:- The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that was first discovered in Wuhan, China in late 2019 spread so quickly that, according to Johns Hopkins University had infected over 1.5 million and killed more than 90,000 people globally within 3 months.

In Uganda, the spread has been relatively slower, with the total infections according to the Ministry of Health Uganda presently standing at 53. Countries, small and big, rich and poor, populous and sparse, developed and developing, old are all puzzled as to how a pandemic could claim such many lives, moreover in the developed parts of the world without an alternative.

The possibility of an effective COVID-19 vaccine is still far from reality as many countries are busy in laboratories, but unsure if their discoveries could save the world.

While everywhere in the world people are worried about the death toll [numbers], economic and social harms associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the phenomenon could be a tool for accelerating solidarity.

Actually, there had never been a time in the global history that people had to be a “brother’s keeper” than now. In my Kitgum neighbourhood, for example, every homestead has become more conscious of their fellow citizen next door than never before.

From checking if every member of the family is around and back home before the dusk to collectively setting up a handwashing station at the gateway, the virus seems to have aroused a renewed spirit of unity.

Even in the Ugandan parliament, a place where heated debates always erupted, the members of parliament have voted for certain policies without reservation. The over 200 billion shillings supplementary budget for fighting COVID-19 went through the house with almost disapproval.

Elsewhere in the world, a similar situation is witnessed. When the US President Donald Trump proposed a 2.2 trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus, it went through the senate on a 9-0 win, while the Chinese government’s lockdown in the bit to contain the coronavirus was hugely supported and obeyed by the citizens.

In my opinion, the virus spread has provoked the spirit of solidarity in Uganda which, if continued could help in fighting future emergencies, but also development issues such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, among others.

#Stay Home, #Stay Safe


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