Gulu University Rolls Out a Master Plan to start testing and caring for COVID-19 Patient


Guest Post : Gulu University faculty of Medicine have pulled out a master plan to begin testing and caring for Corona-virus patients once government give them a boost of about 2.5 Billion Uganda shillings to be injected in their multifunction bioscience Laboratory just commissioned by the president in January this year

The multifunctional laboratory is valued at about 4.5 Million US dollars including with the equipment inside.

According to Dr Kaducu Felix the dean of Faculty of Medicine the University already have some of the equipment but would majorly require support in adding laboratory reagents, investing in protective material since corona virus is very infectious and needs maximum protection.

Kaducu said the Laboratory have capacity of testing 1000 samples in just one day and could act as a greater alternative since most of the requirements are already in place.

“We would of course need to brief our staff but I can tell you that we are 90% ready once government give us the blessing because we have the human resource and the laboratory which was built by governmnet”Dr Kaducu said.

Gulu University vice-chancellor Openjuru George Ladaah said since the University is built on the foundation of community transformation they would use the laboratory when supported by government to look at other emergencies in the future and would help support the community and decongests Entebbe viral Research Centre since is the current only testing centre for the disease.

“This is a government facility and as the University we would be proud to work with ministry of health so that we can support our people by providing another testing centre that would support greater north and in long term can be used for other emergencies in the future”.Openjuru said.

Dr Paska Apiyo the deputy director Gulu Regional referral hospital and head of case management in Gulu district CONVID 19    TASKFORCE said if Gulu University is supported will support the hospitals because the hospital will now focus on the test of other diseases.

She also presented clearly that the long distance of driving up to Entebbe to take samples is very dangerous because it might in the long run affect the result and could start contributing to fault negative result.

The University on Monday (today) organized the tour of the Multi-functional laboratory where the Gulu district CONVID19 taskforce led by Ojara Martine Mapenduzi ,Deputy Resident district commissioner Tonny Oree were shown within the laboratory and all asked government of Uganda to ensure they support the course.

Ojara Martine Mapenduzi  Gulu district chairman said they have given copy of the letter the taskforce received from the University to the Minister of presidency and hope to hear soon from the line ministry.


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