Police, UPDF and LDU’s Raid Women in Elegu Beat them into Tartars.


Police, and LDUs in Elegu allegedly pulled out women and some men from their homes last night, beat, and forced them to roll in the mud after asking them to put off their clothes. 

Some were allegedly asked to rub the mud in their private parts as the officers, laughed at them. They were beaten using iron bars, and sticks.

This is according to Margaret Auma the Chairperson for Elegu Women Cross-boarder Traders Savings and Credit Cooperative Society.

Margaret narrated to me that the event happened yesterday at around 7 pm, when everyone was in their houses during the curfew, she heard women crying in the neighborhood. 

They were Saying, “ why are have you pulled us from our houses, to  start beating us.  What have we done?” The women cried in vain. Auma added that one by one the number of women crying started increasing.

The officers kept kicking doors and pulling out mainly women. After a while, there was total silence. The women who were forcefully picked subjected to moving the forces, as they patrolled the area till around 1 am.

They ran back via the Auma’s place and stopped at her place, half naked. The reason as to why they were beaten was never given.

Auma took the photos at night and day time as evidence to this cruel act.  Some of the women were too injured to walk. Among them was an expectant mother.

Police have recorded their statement and investigations are underway. This happened on the same night the President warned security forces against beating people who are in their homes during a curfew

Following President Museveni’s directive to Lt. Col Edith Nakalema, the head of statehouse Anti-corruption unit to arrest all errant officers a case has been registered pending action.


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