Ryemo Gemo is “EXORCISM” Practiced Worldwide, Lets Not Ignore our Cultures.


“To prejudice that Acholi is a cult because of practicing their culture is violation of fundamental human rights”

Guest Post: – Its so sad that a people practicing their culture to complement government efforts to eco social distancing is being condemned to cultism.I implore those who misreported to the President to clarify to him and explain to him Exorcism in the African way being a celebrated Pan- Africanist.

Exorcism is the practice called in Acholi RYEMO GEMO. All religion which is culture with origins somewhere practice it. The Christians practice exorcism in Churches eg Baptism, speaking in toungues, prayers to chase demons. All the intersessions in Churches are forms of exorcism.

Who does not know that Africans are notoriously religious is all aspects? That why we even pray to stop the spirit of corruption from ravaging our land. How many national prayers have been organised and by who? That would be prayers of RYEMO GEMO ME CORRUPTION IN ACHOLI.

In Acholi when an epidemic befalls the community there is an old tradition of sounding alert called RYEMO GEMO (exorcism), in which each homestead or household gather at their doors usually in the evening or in the early hours of the morning and they make the loudest noise banging objects ranging from empty tins to doors or any object that can amplify noise like its done in Churches when people are possessed by Holy Spirit.

They use is to also announce presence epidemic eg Small pox, Measles, etcthat used to kill people in big number, which is believed to be brought by Satan (bad spirit) or gemo. The chase or noice starts from East to West normarly after pronouncements by the Chief with some strict rules with punishments for failure to follow.

Actually in one Chiefdom, people have been instructed for two days not to move out of homes, not even to go to their gardens , not to drink alcohol, not to eat cold food etc

With this COVID-19 Gemo, What do you expect a traditional chief to do to rally his people to avert the looming Gemo when the messages all over the TV, radios, villages are telling people of a looming disaster and to stay home something that Acholi did from time in memorial.

So the chiefs are simply re-ecoing the Social distancing and Stay home and follow guidrlines ordered BUT in an African way. They ivoked their powers to complement government efforts. It did not involve people gathering for big meetings or going to the chiefs place, but from each homesteads.

Culture is a right practiced in conformity with Article 2 of our constitution. Prejudices is ignorance of the importance of Culture.

The Chinese is becoming world power, they Stuck to their culture. To prejudice that Acholi is a cult because of practicing their culture is violation of fundamental human rights.


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