9 Years After, Mwaka Lutukmoi Pays Off the Cost of “WALK2WORK” with a Surgery

Mwaka Lutukmoi's Flash Drop

From the 2011 walk to work campaign, Mwaka Lutukmoi got out with a broken arm and sustained serious injuries on his back.

He staggers endlessly while walking and if spotted from a far you could mistake him for being drunk. But NO he is not a drunken master but a victim of torture.

His sin was participating in the famous walk to work campaign of 2011 that left him with damaged nerves and back born.

At the helm of his attack Lutukmois was still an ardent Democrats even after he opted to cross over to the yellow bus. He argues that he had been tormented for a while by his top most monks whom he had trusted and believed in as mentees but made a turn around and played the devils role in his life and political journey.

Even then he never gave up, he picked up himself and moved on. Crossed to the government side and worked for a couple of years as the deputy resident district commissioner Lira now in the hands of the government yet he detested it most.

That a side, years down the road Lutukmoi’s dream looms on. He is not worried nor scared to duck out of the struggle to keep in the political limelight. However, he is overly worried over lack of stamina on left leg and negated speech.  

We reach out to Lutukmoi who shared with us his political dream and a couple of things that keeps his head spinning for his motherland Uganda.

But who is Mwaka Lutukumoi? I started activism against the NRM regime from the age of 8, when I witnessed torture of my uncle Kolo in Agwee in, Gulu in 1986 when the Kadogos went amok in northern Uganda.  headliner to star the conversation as he went on to explain…..

The reason for 2 decades devastating war that saw more than 30. 000 children abducted and 1.8 million incarcerated in camps. Others called it smart or brilliant genocide. The rest is history he said.

Mwaka Lutukumoi is truly a natural National leader made in Acholi and certified for Uganda. He is honest and harbors integrity.

Its rumored that you want to become the next president of Uganda how true? If Gen Muhoozi have opponents, then Mwaka is one of them. He has his eyes set for the top seat.

In 2009, his activism as Uganda young Democrat increased as he was elected DP National Spokesperson pitting him against government.

At UYD level, Mwaka survived death, jailed and tortured several times as they advocated for repeal of obnoxious laws banning parties, article 269. Repealed in 2005, and gave birth to multi partysm.

In 2011, after failed attempts to become Gulu MP, betrayed by DP, Mwaka and Mwanga Kivumbi, Sulaiman Kidandala and others formed walk to work protest. It was well planned but main opposition leaders wrecked it by just going to the streets. The plan was to clandestinely reach the city square with a million people. Do noise pollution and cause mayhem. For them they wanted to try out the Arab spring thing. Seems the state mobilized opposition to demonstrate to preempt it.

CASE OF TORTURE. A broken Hand, damaged back what happened?

“In March/ April 2011, it was aborted with iron hand the state used to quell it. The leaders who started the walk wanted publicity and never knew where to end. If it were clandestine, it would be different. I organized people along Jinja road. On my way, I was intercepted from home, beaten by militia to near death, dumped and thrown under police truck while they stepped my head and body ” while climbing down at police station, they pushed me, I fell down like a wood, broke my hand and damaged all discs on left spine. For 10 years I was in pain, and walked like a drunkard yet I don’t drink. But I had to do surgery because Uganda needs a fit leader. I have unfinished duty for Uganda ” Lutukumoi said.

Mwaka Lutukumoi went through an open, specialized spine and disc surgery in New York. After 2011 brutal torture of walk to work. Cameras focused on the top leaders.  In memoria….on the fateful day of his attack, over 8 people were killed.

Mwaka Lutukmoi shortly after his operations


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