Streamline Presidential Guidelines on Border Crossing to Curb COVID-19 – George Odong

Hon Milton Odong

The Chairperson EALA – Uganda Chapter, Hon. George Odongo has urged the Border Management Committees (BMC) to come up with strategies to implement the guidelines issued by President Yowri Museven and Ministry of Health.

According to Hon. Odongo EALA Uganda Chapter members are ready to distribute themselves, follow health guidelines and visit various border points to assess the implementation of health guidelines that have been issued in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

This effort comes at the time when Uganda has confirmed 9 cases of Corona virus all of whom are reported to have travelled in from Dubai – UAE.

“We must double our efforts and scale up the level of vigilance at all levels. We must all volunteer whatever we can in the circumstances and within the health guidelines to fight and scale back the onslaught of corona virus” – Hon. George Odongo said.

He also revealed to this news media that EAC joint multi sectoral council of Ministers will be holding a teleconference meeting this afternoon to draw joint strategies to deal with Corona virus.

The EAC has come under the spotlight for failure to deliver joint effort in the fight against locusts and now corona virus.

Hon. Odongo says the multi sectoral council should focus on coordination, sharing of competencies and expertise and the deployment of resources to fight Corona.

“The beauty of integration is in the sharing of resources be it financial, technical and human. Working together shields us from the vagaries of epidemics and external threats” – Hon. Odongo expounded.


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