#COVID-19: 2 South Sudanese from Dubai who Ignored Calls for Self Quarantine Intercepted at Elegu.


Ojara Martin Mapenduzi , the Chairman LCV Gulu have come out and issued a statement on the prevailing rumour of confirmed cases of coronavirus in his district as a baseless allegation.

In his post Mapenduzi wrote, “This morning 24th March 2020, I have received several calls and reports alleging that there were two South Sudanese with confirmed Corona Virus in Gulu. I would like to clearly state that there are still no confirmed cases in Gulu”

In his revelation Mapenduzi however revealed that, yesterday evening, a joint Taskforce intercepted two South Sudanese nationals at Elegu who were trying to sneak into South Sudan.

These two are said to have arrived at Entebbe Airport from Dubai on 21st March 2020 and after going through the procedures at the Airport, they were tasked to go through self-quarantine for 14 days.

Unfortunately, yesterday morning, the two escaped from the hotel where they were self-quarantined and took a special hire on their way to South Sudan.

The special hire driver who could not maneuver the long journey on arrival in Kampala picked a colleague to accompany him take these two South Sudanese to final destination – South Sudan.

However, “they were intercepted at the border, our team brought them back to Gulu where they have been quarantined in a place with very strict conditions and security” Mapenduzi said.

According to Mapenduzi, a specialized medical team this morning conducted a swap and/or took samples that have been taken to Entebbe for proper scrutiny/tests.

Not until result are brought back there is no need for uproar. Even when the results are out and found to be negative, they will still be confined for 14 days and thereafter face justice.

“Let’s stay calm but extremely cautious about the situation and wait for official communication/information from the Ministry of Health and our Taskforce.

Mapenduzi applauded, Uganda Police Force, on ground medical team and the community for being vigilant. He urged them not to downplay their role but rather act responsibly and support the cause during this difficult time. Together we will defeat this disease – Ojara Martin Mapenduzi

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