Celebrity Buzz: DJ Languna Gets New Baby Girl – Tyno Treasure Trinity

Baby Mama

Northern Ugandan celebrated music maestro turned Pastor Komagum Jeff DJlanguna of the famous bye bye Kampala tune is in high spirit after wife delivered another bouncing baby girl yesterday.

Languna who sang his way out of Kampala because of the hard condition and daily hustle in the city seems to have changed his mind over time and taken a second chance to try out his life in the city against all odds.

Indeed, as years go by, he has stopped lamenting but rather focused on working hard and changed his focus on business and pastoral work in lieu for a better life for him and his family.

Standing strong and welcoming a new member to his family lineage Languna wrote “at such a difficult time like this with so many things going on here and there, God blessing also never stops because he blessed us with a baby yesterday”

He applauded his wife for the Gift of life, hint on his encounter in the deliver ward and urged all men to reconsider accompanying their wives to the hospital so they could see for themselves what these women go through while giving birth.

“l had my experience, more respect to every woman” Languna Wrote


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