Witchdoctor Behind Attack on Zombo Military Detach Arrested.

Rudimentary tool used bu Ovoya and the team, sending UPDF officers Packing.

The Holy war of Alice Lakwena was sparked by a similar spirit and here in Zombo a new twist to a rebellion is sparked off by a witchdoctor but finally security operatives have arrested the said witchdoctor accused of being behind the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) detach attack in Zombo.

A one Ovoya was arrested over the weekend during a joint security operation by the army and Uganda Police.

Early this month, UPDF revealed that a veteran army corporal known as Bosco Tonifa and a witchdoctor (Ovoya) were among the ring leaders who attacked its detachment in Zombo.

According to Lt Col Deo Akiiki, the deputy UPDF Spokesperson, a group of civilians totaling to 80 in number armed with bows, arrows, pangas and spears carried out an adventurous attack on the army detachment and killed three soldiers.

The civilians mostly from Paidha, Nyapea, Zeu, Zaale, Songoli, Atyak and Warr were allegedly led by some Congolese elements who were seeking guns for use for criminal activities in Eastern Congo.

“Three UPDF soldiers were killed by hacking with pangas and arrows. The assailants were mobilised by some group who were recently given amnesty by government including one Ovoya a witch doctor and other ring leaders like Atochon, Oketcha, Openji Openjuru and a UPDF veteran Coporal Tonifa Bosco,” said Lt Col Akiiki in a statement.

“17 of these attackers were killed, 26 captured some with bullet injuries now in the hands of military investigators. Many more are being arrested by civilians in Konga, Jangukuru, Awasi, Ageri, Konga Kona  Angwen and Adhosi.”

Lt Col Akiiki also disclosed that UPDF in collaboration with the Congolese Forces and authorities are still pursuing those that went to Congo.

“Some have been already arrested. UPDF will continue with the operation to ensure the group is wiped out and the leaders both in Uganda and Congo are brought to book. We have increased our boarder operations across the entire frontier with DRC in this area and call upon the wanainch to continue working with security forces to keep our boarders and our people safe and secure.”

The army mouthpiece further poured cold water on allegations that the attackers were trained in Kiryandongo.

“The claim in the story in New Vision of Monday march 9th 2020 on page 4, that these people were trained in Kiryandongo forest is unauthentic. Investigations are ongoing to establish more details about the matter,” he said. Credity: #NewVision #WatchDog


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