NRM Registration, Secretary General Hon. Kasule Lumumba’s Combs West Nile and Acholi Sub Region.

Hon. Kasule Lumumba, Secretary general - NRM at Acholi Inn yesterday.

NRM Secretary General kicked off her supervisory activities at Alima Kodra Village, in Koboko Municipality where she Registered a number of new members into the Party Register.

Here, the SG thanked the Party members for turning up in big numbers to participate in the ongoing countrywide exercise. She also thanked them for always supporting and Voting NRM at all levels.

She further urged them to maintain Peace and stability by always sticking to NRM party candidates.

She thanked the Village Leadership for Supervising the Registration Exercise and urged them to be even more vigilant in the remaining Days.

EARLIER , the Secretary General visited the Party offices in Koboko Municipality where she was welcomed by a number of Party leaders led by the NRM District Chairperson Mrs Medina Nahan, the NRM Municipality Chairperson Mr Alemi Innocent Paul, NRM Sub County Chairpersons among others. The SG heaped praise on party leaders for always using Internal Mechanism in solving issues amongst themselves.

In a related development, Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba met and talked to a number of NRM Leaders and District Leaders from Acholi Sub-region in interactive meeting held at Acholi Inn in Gulu.

This comes amidst numerous engagements with leaders in the district of Lango, Teso Sub-region in Lira and Soroti districts respectively.

She urged them to extensively mobilize Party members to take Part in the Registration exercise as well as encouraging them to take part and support all Party Activities.

SG Lumumba is visiting Registration Centres in the Different Districts to assess the Progress of the ongoing Countrywide Party activity.


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