#GuluSpeaks Inaugural Dialogue on Child Prostitution Blossom. Action Next.


Did you know that about 70% of the alleged child prostitutes and women in prostitution in Gulu district are non residents or born of the area? Did you know that even married women have special clients that tap on them to come have a service and resert home to serve their men at home? Hahahaha, its not poverty nor war memories.

Stop the blame game child prostitution in Gulu is a problem of mindset one leader echoes. Rehabilitation, education and lifelong support thought after. Thought after leaders out rightly say, Child prostitution and prostitution in totality is illegal and criminal especially when kids are involved. its defilement.

Well better and upto date story coming up shortly……

Photos Credit: #GuluSpeaks Media Team

We were part of the inaugural #GuluSpeaks Community dialogue held at Taks Centre on 14.03.2020
I am a father to a girl and keep on wondering how my daughter will grow up one day when I am no longer around her. Every child deserves a decent life – Ojok, the Coordinator #GuluSpeaks relents on Parenting.
My personal encounter raising a child with lived experience changed my mindset on issues of child prostitution – Counsel Tonny Kitar, mega lawyer.
Speak up, #GuluSpeaks with Comedian/Musician Okeng Born Town of Ejang fame
Vice chancellor Gulu Gniversity Professor Openjur Lader, Chairperson National Youth Council Hon Aber Lilian who also doubles as Senior presidential Advisor on Youth Affairs caution singer mothers and fathers over decent parenthood.
Gender base and sexual Rights Activist have a word to nod over #GuluSpeaks
Larsen Jasper, You speak we listen and act #GuluSpeaks
Hon. Alex Okoya’s insight on child prostitution is real. With the vice widely practices in the confines of his area, Okaoya has a different take on action point to address the issues of Child prostitution. #GULUspeaks
Alobo Monica, Director St. Thereza School #SpeaksOut
whereas you are too much focused on the girl children, young boys are equally being abused by older women- Obol Justine Simple Man
Listening to voices of change
An ordinance can be passed to help curb the vice but if the implementation is going to stagger like the some many by laws passed in the district then is as useless as not trying to even invest in it. Politicians reaping from the business or hand a hand in this should be warned we are yet to name and shame them……….


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